The pictures in the box below were taken of what is believed to be the patented aircraft on this page!
There are several similarities such as shadowing on the blade lengths indicating a similar structure as that drawing above. In addition there appears to be a circular shadow where the circular rotor hub # 5 in the above drawing, shape of the primary length of fuselage, a dark circular opening on the left end of the fuselage has the shadowing indicative of an open mouth rocket tube burning clean. The name so far being given it is the Albany Rod. Below are the original picture and filter enhanced pictures as well.

The size of the aircraft is expected to be 115 to 175 ft long. This specification is based on knowledge of available composites that would have been used to make the individual blades of which it appears that the 4 wing like structures are comprised of 2 of the individual blades locked together to form the four wings on the craft in the photos below. The width of each of the wings based on weight and inertial restrictions are believed to be approximated 4 to 6 feet wide each making each of the four wings approximately 8  to 12 feet wide shich gives an indicator of the length of the fuselage.


 Mr. Dan Bazile, with FOX 23 news (a Clear Channel Communication-owned station), reported that one of their photographers had inadvertently captured brief footage of an object flying at a high rate of speed in the sky near Albany, NY.