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To any person or group who has the responsibility to care for large groups of displaced people due to prolonged natural or political upheaval. Additionally to any reporter or researcher interested in promoting technical means to help in crisis situations; the information could also be used to 
prevent such situations from occuring where
lack of the essentials for life are the root causes.

The realistic assertion is that without the knowledge or material, death from starvation or exposure will occur rapidly. The crux of this dissertaion on survivalist methods is to provide the knowhow using the most meager of materials. Admittedly time is the killer when forethought to have such materials and the understanding to use them is not undertaken. Have faith in good but be prepared!

Reporters have in many ways the weight of responsibility of life itself to deliver not only the news but information as they are often the only link to civilization!

are the ingredients of life. The following dissertaion can save lives with little preparation. And is very inexpensive. Although it is in some ways repulsive its better than starving or freezing to death!

There is a large base of survival information which can be used to create self sufficiency for large groups. Well known methods exist using simple and cheap materials. Should you have any need for information "about" supplying water, food, shelter or heat.

TheFOUR ingredients to survival can be accomplished using cheap and plentiful materials.All FOUR of the following necessities can under most climate conditions be accomodated through the use of polyethelene plastic sheeting. These following methods are considered temporary and apply only in dire emergencies.

Shelter =

From clear or black sheeting is easily constructed using a simple ridgepole framework of available materials. Where no branches from trees exist it is reccomended that shallow pits be excavated ideally hip high deep and lined with the plastic to keep the bottom and side wall dry and isolated from bugs in the dirt.

Heat =

From clear and black polyethelyene a heat absorber can be constructed over shallow pits ideally these pits are the areas for sleeping or remaining in while there is cold weather. A tent structure made of the clear plactic sheeting should be erected over the shallow pit; this clear tent lets in sunlight and creates a greenhouse effect to capture the heat of the suns rays in the pit area which is unoccupied during the daytime hours as it would be too hot while the sun shines. Inside the hip deep pit there should be placed a layer black plastic covering the walls and floor; then an optional layer of leaves, straw, rags or other insulative quality material two or more inches thick should be wrapped up in a pad like form as large as the floor surface and placed on the hip high pit floor. On top of the insulative mat another sheet of black plastic should be placed on top of the insulator mat an on top of it 4 to 6 inches of dirt or sand be put on top of it, then the plastic under the dirt should be wrapped and overlap the top covering the dirt. This mat containing dirt will absorb and store heat overnight and during cold days.


Rather than die of starvation one must make concessions in the face of dignity and go against the norm. Consider the following please; animal meat has some 35% protein which is about as high a protein content as one can get you might think. Bugs on the other hand have some 65% protein content. If the locusts came and ate up all the fields of corn or grain the people would starve if they could not consider the locusts themselves food more nutrient rich than the crop itself. Now under circumstances of starvation bugs are the best bet. Flies follow the living on their road to death by starvation, they follow them by the law of nature to provide for human nutrition, at least that is the way I have written the equation here. A seperate tent of black plastic should be built in preferrably a box shape having six sides of plastic and held aloft on stilts about 2 feet above the ground; a hole should be created on the underside facing the ground and at its center, this hole should be 1/10 th the size of the bottom surface. This box shape has been proven to entice and capture flies while for some strange reason the flies cannot figure how to get out; even with an open door at the bottom. This is the first stage in capturing flies in relatively small quantities; cooking is recommended to eliminate disease just as for meat. Now massive cultivation of flies is possible through building othe completely enclosed boxes of black plastic in an area kept warm but not hot, shade with a plastic black wall if necessary and introduce flies together with a mat of damp cloth or clean plant matter which will act as a place for the flies to lay their eggs; the flies will multiply there for harvest. Under no cooking conditions washing is recommended as best as can be accomplished. Without cooking or water flies in their raw state are a concern for disease just as meat from a cow. Starvation is worse, and help for disease may come in time later where starvation is near immediate death. Five days without food can cause death, 14 days without water can cause death.

Water =

By the correct formation of a tentlike structure both in the living quarters tent or of a seperate tent, water can be accumulated from evaportaion from humans and plant matter or damp earth or sand. Create a shallow rectangular trough 6 inches deep and 8 inches wide around in a rectangular shape aproximately 3 feet wide and 6 feet long leaving a plateau of earth at its center.. Grade the trough to pitch into one corner so that water accumulating will collect in that corner. Cover this rectangular trough and plateau with clear plastic pressing the plastic into the trough; Then create a tent of clear plastic with sloping sides terminating into the trough. By sleeping in the tent on the center plateau any moisture from perspiration given off by the persons will collect on the walls and this moisture will slide down the wall in droplets into the trough and collect in the lowest corner for collection. Many such tents can be rapidly fabricated and then any damp object can be placed into them so that in daylight the suns rays will pass through the clear plastic and heat the interior and damp items causing the moisture to evaporate from these items and collect on the sides and in the lowest corner. Containers of urine can be placed in containers on the plateau to evaportae if care is taken not to contaminate the trough where virtually distilled water is collected!

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