Young women are being held against their will in Isreal, we are not anti semitic.
They are being forced to have sex and are beaten if they refuse to comply.
The Isreali government and the top Rabbis know of this and refuse to step up to
the plate and stop it. A prime time television show reported this situation one year ago, the
female news caster is well known to all of you. Two weeks ago a newspaper from
Manhattan reported this has not stopped. Its a suprise that after the holocaust such
behaviour is being adopted by the Isreali people. Has nothing been learned, in light of the
Jewish people suing companies and governments about the holocaust
even some 50 years later. We call for a similar measure against the Isreali
government and those officials which surely must know of this occurance within their
country. Young girls held against their will, it makes you wonder what a supposed ally to
the United States Isreal is, the United States gives Isreal some 100 billion dollars
in direct and indirect aid. With the interest in Washington to impress China a well known
human rights violator according to many treaty and conventions, it seems poor
judgement to allow such activity by the Isreali government when Washington surely
could bring pressure to bear on them to stop this disgusting forced and brutal
slave activity.

As we said the female newscaster who usually sports blond hair cannot
be mentioned directly, of course we would like to mention it but the producer does
not want to get involved with copyright and or other infringement procedures lets just
say that there are characters in life that let us maintain hope something can be done.
Some characters we remember others not, lets hope the Super-Man or Super-Woman
have perseverence of will to see the things through that need to be done.

Superman ........: is the name of a character in a story!

Diane..............: is the name of the heroine in a novel !
Sawyer...........: is the name of a character in a novel !

Anybody here want to help out who has a law degree

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