Having yourself swept by a supposed professional private eye for implants?

There are several private detectives who are charging from 500 to 2000 dollars for the process of being swept by spectrum analyzers and other electromagnetic detection devices. The following is a dissertation on technical research gathered from industry representatives of two premier corporations and a third smaller corporation, one of which manufacturers the countries most well known spectrum analyzer and the other corporation manufacturers radio frequency test rooms for military specification and industry specification.
The spectrum analyzer if you don't know is a detection device that depending on the model can detect frequencies of a specified range. The radio frequency rooms according to manufacturers specification can prevent radio frequency energy from entering the room; it is not a farady cage which cannot stop radio frequency penetration as falsely reported throughout writings from inexperienced researchers on the internet.

The private eyes doing sweeps may in fact find some devices that have outputs their machines can detect, however the modern circuitry available can have several qualities that could easily defeat detection. If your having a sweep done by any private detective consider it ineffectual at worst and a gamble at best for detecting any device in the body.

The requirements for a seriously effective sweep of a person is more complicated that having someone run a probe over the body from a spectrum analyzer. First the manufacturer of such analyzers has upon questioning answered affirmative to the issue there are modules that can increase dramatically signals with a broad band amplifier specifically tailored to such analyzers and rent for some 1700 dollars a month, as well the manufacturers representative answered affirmative that a module was available to measure much shorter duration pulse frequencies commonly known throughout technical writings as burst microwave, these modules rent for approximately 1700 dollars a month as well. The spectrum analyzer priced for rental cost approximately 3900 per month, all told for rental a pretty hefty sum.

An experienced operator as technician is a necessary part of such an endeavor and costs for renting their service where they become experienced with the setup as described in this writing may cost from 3 - 5 thousand a week, but could contribute to a teaching of personnel to man the setup. Also spectrum analyzers of the type proposed are complicated with memory drives and require training to use, manuals for their operation are hundreds of dollars alone.

We are not through with relatively simple preparation for our effective detection effort yet. In addition an effective radio frequency shielded room needs to be obtained through rental or purchase. The small size cost 32000 dollars to purchase and rental was not discussed ( room size = 8' x 8' x 8' ), but it would be relatively expensive for transportation and assembly so the expected rental if one could find one may be from 5 - 12 thousand a month. These rooms are not ordinary construction either; a base shell of silicon steel overlaid with copper where the seams of both metal layers are either welded or stuffed with wool of the same material being mated is required, doors must be knife edge compression types. The CEO of the company explains that any screen of any material even with multiple layers will be so ineffective as to destroy the capability to prevent radio frequency leakage into the room area.

Additionally their is more to be done as to be wholly effective two spectrum analyzers need to be used where one reads the person and the other a reference antenna inside the RF room. This consideration will be necessary especially when short burst microwave is used and subsequent unavoidable interference shows up ( RF rooms are expensive and the cost is relative to its effectiveness, hence even when great they can be better and do leak a small amount of energy into them ). The issue is to determine whether the leakage as small as it is can be a signal from the body or from background signals. So a reference antenna is needed together with another identical spectrum analyzer to read the antenna and the person simultaneously in order to discern if a signal is actually coming from the person being tested.

So then any real detection needs some pretty expensive equipment and any private detective that's says any different is outright either a liar or very naive and desperate for cash to take money from people that are being attacked or poor; I have never heard of one without carfefully asking ( so as not to hurt their know it all ego's ) if there is any chance of their 60 thousand dollar machine will not see an implants signal. They will admit to such with the conditional attitude its effective for what they are looking for but their are flaws, be careful when asking questions as they usually know their effort is virtually a scam and can get testy quickly. Again not to say they cannot detect anything, but that technology has sped past their capability and they have the capability of antiques in this now modern world. It would be better for them to band together and get a legitimate association with pooled money but typically private detectives of this ilk are ego prone and ill suited for collaboration.

We not done with detection parameters yet; there is according to another industry representative, one from a corporation that calibrates spectrum analyzers of all types and other equipment as well did confirm the following; that since their is something known as the harmonica bug and other such devices that can require a coded signal for them to operate much like a cell phone telephone number. In other words the implant could be off unless triggered by specific combination lock pulse information and or the devices can even trigger to go off under certain frequency information being emmitted to the bug itself. What this means is that a the person inside the radio frequency room needs to have frequencies emitted to them from a signal generator at a slow enough scan of all frequencies to trigger at least the first combination pulse to cause the bug to accept that pulse and using its binary logic flip flop circuit present the next sequence for acceptance, where this means that the implant will likely give a single reaction pulse from its circuit in anticipation of the next combination pulse frequency to turn it on much like the second digit of a telephone number being inputted on a keypad. This process if done effectively in looking for a pulse signature response could be very long as there are so many millions of frequencies to sweep in order to make sure that they are all tested to cause a reaction in the implant circuit. There are other considerations as well to lengthly to cover here related to RF trigger spectrum techniques and spectrum range choices.

Of course most if not all private detectives will say that what's said here is bull, but its not. The issue is that the very advanced microelectronics industry has devised sophisticated implants and the private eyes are virtually useless in this regard; until private loose the fantasy they can be effective in detection with inadequate techniques, as well there will be critics of this writing due to the fact that they will claim to know better, to any critic I will say go as I have and have a talk with commercial businesses that manufacture the devices talked about here and listen to their expertise on the matter, then the truth will be fully recognized that they are almost wholly inadequate to the task and that the technology of making the implants invisable has eclipsed their simple detection technology.   To have a sweep done where it results in success will likely be possible if the implant is old technology. That means the person being swept will be left with the fact they are considered free from implants when they certainly could very well have them in their body. The issue is again low power devices that can and are being used where their integration with the nervous system allows such low power and hence low detection potential.

There are other specific technical details that are too numerous to mention here that would contribute to the effectiveness of a setup as described here. However suffice it to say that grounding, vetilation and other such specifics are not wholly necessary for the perspective as issues. There are of course technical expertise such a using signal generators to emit calculated multi frequency pulses to cause implant to react and is far more time consuming because timing of the pulses needs to be done for specific periods as well as combination of frequencies. Not to mention extra ordinary charge shielding at a distance from the main structure according to some expert reccomendations. Additionally even seperate RF enclosures for the equipment, special feed throughs and flters for deed throughs not to mention that if necessary, ventilation is a factor that requires special microwave guide technology that prevents RF from comming into the enclosure where air is drawn into it.

An expensive proposition even if reduced o somewhat to the barrest essentials, estimate for our little project is somewaere in the neighborhood of 120k to purchase and although much lower to rent, with all the trouble of procurement and assmbley, not to mention testing and training is a process that is so time and effort consuming that you would need to own it based solely on monetary effort alone.

The mental anguish and pain can as well affect the persons relationships; where upon finding nothing are branded as being hit with the possibly of it being psychosomatic from loved ones and professionals. Beware the private detectives who claim to be effective in this the modern age of synchrotron lithography microelectronics and polymer conductors operating at ultra low levels of energy. These technologies married together can make an implant invisible to most if not all commonly used techniques of private detectives. Not to say do not have them done, but rather put little stock in them as to their effectiveness to detect; in closing I would caution you to consider that if your choice of private detective does not relate the pitfalls of their simple antiquated and innefficient method consider it a necessity that they continue to make a living. Today we are at a juncture of necessity to have industry expertise applied and depend only upon the best for such an issue, that is why I would say to all private detectives band together to rent or purchase the right kind of equipment because to do to continue to make people think that they are getting a genuine sweep of the body for implants when all the technical pitfalls are known is virtually fraud.

Yours Truly
John Mecca, Author http://www.us-government-torture.com