3/4 of a million children missing a year that's 750,000 per year.
The Amber alert for missing children activated seems to me it should be going off 1.4 times per minute or 85 per hour or 2054 per day or 61620 per month.

The Amber alert seems more like a genuine whitewash to keep the public unaware of a very ominous problem on purpose otherwise why not nightly reports of such behemouth numbers by our patriotic newscasters. Our newscasters boss'es are accomplices in keeping the public blind. More and worse is to come as the plan to destroy the United States unfolds.
Thanks to, yes, everyone you see in a position of administration in the country, Federal, State and local enforcement, how could they be quiet in a situation like this unless completely subverted.

Reportedly from sources these children are very young and not run aways , and have not wound up with a parent in a divorce match. Could the NSA, CIA, FBI, State and local Police with their eyes in the sky be unable to know where they have gone. Sometime in 1994 their were reports of children in large numbers being kept on farms in Montana and that upon those people near that area approaching to investigate they were arrested or spooked away. In consideration of the current trend of Government insanity I would be predisposed to suspect a Waffen SS type indoctrination and coupled together with a depopulation electronic weapons program going on. Couple that to the following statistics wherein there have been approximately 40 million abortions and a real influx flood of immigrants. As well as those who have been bombarded with electronic weapons energy for the last 30+ years and its toll on shortening lives as per the symptoms page investigation millions more. Its really quite disturbing in that wholesale removal of the population while replacing feisty freedom loving americans with do as your told or do nothing foreigners too new to the country to give a damn or feel they are too new to feel entitled to speak out or uncaring about constitutional freedoms.

That would be
40 mil aborted due to maintaining single women and families in financial distress. NAFTA and other agreements sent mega .....millions of jobs out of the country.

30 mil abducted over 35 years
30 mil from electronic weapons and in relation to life shortening immune system destruction, suspicion is much higher.
= 100 million Americans eliminated.
I have no estimate on how many foreigners are immigrants over even the last 20 years. But I would imagine it is substantial and will seek an answer.
Boil it down generally and a replacement of US citizens is being actively orchestrated by double agents.

Please review summation.

p.s. the organizations headquarters below was called and interviewed and they do no more than register those missing I am sorry to say.

I met 3 people who had set up a table to sell nick knacks to raise funds inside a local well known grocery store chain, I engaged them in conversation as to electronic weapons the perfect crime; even when they know something is wrong with law enforcement's agenda ignoring such a large number of children missing. Ultimately they were as normal for any activists engrossed with their own agenda and blind to the plight of PEOPLE IN THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD BEING MURDERED IN THEIR OWN HOMES. I think the electronic murders and missing children issue are linked.
Please listen to Ted Gunderson and the interview which covers this subject.
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how many doctors were involved in US and how many were indoctrinated for the future

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