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Polar Ice Shelf Retreat / Global Warming

Unconfirmed report #1 of the ocean levels going down slightly coincide with the exponential meltdown of ocean intersecting ice of the North pole and perimeter edges of the South pole. The melting of these areas of ice from the actions described lower down on the page below may cause oceans to ironically lower initially. The mechanism is as follows using the following example. Floating or near sea level ice is within the description of the experiment is to be understood to be at or near the surface of the ocean. Now then take a large pail and fill it 1/2 with water and take a block of ice approximately 1/3 the volume of the pail and place the ice into the pail. Use natural ice has air trapped within it "not clear ice as it has virtually no air entrained within it". Now let the water settle down from moving and make a fine pencil mark at the very point of surface of the waters height in the pail. Now cover the top of the pail with a piece of cardboard and wait and let the ice melt without heating it so as to prevent evaporation. The ice melts and the level of the water actually goes Down because of the following two facts. Even though part of the ice floats above the water level the water level still goes down because Ice expands when it freezes and then returns to a smaller volume, where now at the same time the air entrained in the ice increases its volume in the frozen state as ice and the trapped air is released causing the volume displaced to be less after melting. Therefore the Oceans levels will go down. This activity will cycle until there is no ice at or near sea level melting. Or when enough ice melts from sources above the ocean level from especially the South Pole. The fact that such lowering sea levels are occuring does mean that there is exponential melting of the North Pole in particular as it gives up its cold storage capacity. The thinning of the North Pole is documented below. An additional mechanism for the increasing melting is that the thinner ice is admitting more sunlight into the ocean water and causing it to heat slightly like a greenhouse instead of being reflected by an opaque mass of ice. To experience this just take two bottles and put a meat thermometer in each one only take white paint and paint the exterior of one bottle. The reflection of sunlight from the white bottle will keep its interior cooler longer; whereas the clear bottle will heat up quickly and become hotter.

Unconfirmed report #2 there are some who claim the weather is showing a cooling trend; their specif data coincides with the information shown further down the page. The melting of the poles which is an abssolute fact will temporarily offset the earths warming from the jet streams causing additional solar energy from being absorbed at the equatorial region. The cyclic fits and starts of the warming and cooling trend will contribute to overall radical weather patterns. There are already substantial reports of strange weather and the farmers almanac is all but history. The real benchmark is the mean average temperature data gathered globally, the chart with this information is shown below.

Unconfirmed report #3 the gulf stream which travels clockwise around the netire Atlantic ocean is likely to be completely disrupted as a result of the North Poles melting. The effect on the climate may be inconsequential when considering that the area where most oxygen is generated in the Sargasso Sea off the coast of South America by seaweed, plankton and algae; this plant nursery is very likely to be dramatically affected or get completely swept away by new current patterns should the gulf stream be disrupted; indeed when coupled with the stripping of the South American Amazon forrest the second greatest oxygen generator one has to conclude where necessary oxygen levelsfor humans will come from. It may be prudent to look into offsetting the production of oxygen with other plant species which could be cultivated for such purpose; the first step would be to identify toses plants which will generate the most oxygen and be hardy enough for specific regions. Oxygen is necessary for mamals (humans are mamals) to breathe and is essential to remain healthy.

Above is a graph illustrating the rise in temperature from 1880 to the present.
The full retreat of the polar ice shelves is fully accepted by all, there is no debate. The causes of this meltdown and global warming are being debated without the addition of other large influences from mankinds activities. The following is not meant to distract from other theories or models but is meant to add another piece to the puzzle of how this change in temperature is being caused.

Polar / Plane Theoretical Model

Global warming has occurred over the past 100 years. The causes have been largely attributed to the breakdown of the ozone layer. However the increase in temperature attributed to ozone layer depletion has not been proven in light of the prediction that middle levels of the atmosphere do not show a corresponding temperature increase as the lower strata have. What has been lacking in the theoretical hypotheses by those persons involved with understanding the increase in the temperature is the radical
change in the jet stream. The jet stream in the past had a much regularly defined pattern; today the jet stream wanders up and down longitudinally from north to South in wide ranging patterns, in the past it did not.

The deviation of the jet stream it is believed to be due to the billions of commercial, military and private aircraft criss crossing the atmosphere during the short history of aviation spanning only approximately 80 years; an analogy of this activity is to take as an example a centrifuge and fill it with various liquids of varying specific gravity coloring each liquid differently than the others. The experiment would then have the container with the liquids placed into a sphere which would then be spun so that the colored liquids would separate into bands due to the centrifugal force, in analogy representing the jet streams. The equivalent of aircraft flights will be to shoot small particles such as sand through the bands mimicking the flights of aircraft diagonally across the bands. The anticipated effect will be the blending of the various bands of colors and the prevention of a strong delineation between the various bands of colored liquid. The subsequent melding of the bands of liquids having various different specific gravity can thus be interpreted as the corresponding deviation of jet stream activity in the atmosphere.

The deformation jet stream model can be used to understand the way it can then be responsible for the retreat of the ice shelves of the North and South Poles and increasing temperature.

Under the circumstances where the pre industrial jet stream acted as a retaining wall of air mass temperature from migrating longitudinally, the circumstances of the current wide ranging jet stream traveling irregularly longitudinally has allowed the normally pre industrial flight winter air masses to travel further down longitudinally. This geographical longer extension of polar air masses further towards the equator from both the North and the South Poles has increased this Arctic air masses intersection with warmer land masses and warmer air masses. In a simpler term one can understand that there is a subsequent greater mixing between Arctic air and ( tropical air, land and water ); the effect of polar air masses intersecting with higher energies from additional numbers of molecular interactions is causing dissipation of the cold air mass subsequently heating it. Such irregular longitudinal movements can give rise to erratic and extreme weather patterns such are being observed increasingly; it can be elucidated that in the future with such wide swings in the jet stream storms of unprecedented size and ferocity will be generated from extremes of temperature intersecting with each other.

Indeed as shown on the graph at the top of the page a dramatic increase in temperature has occurred in the last decade. As it appears that the disrupted jet stream has contributed to the decline of the polar regions ability to maintain low temperature a converse effect of mean average temperature increase has taken place globally; where tropically heated air previously held in equatorial regions by the pre aviation jet stream is encroaching the higher lattitiudes in the same way as the current polar air masses irregular movement previously described.

The graph above shows a projection extrapolated from the current temperature rise trend. the Green vertical line is approximately One degree F ; each circled dot is another one degree. The current trend of temperature increase apparently will be one degree or more per ten year period. The seemingly exponential rise might remain stable which would cause weather pattern changes far exceeding the expectations of current studies. Worst case scenarios of complete polar meltdown are not impossible and the rising sea though catastrophic appears to be survivable except that severe weather patterns may make traditional farming virtually impossible, the reduced salinity of the oceans may cause die offs of many species of fish and reduce overall populations of allready taxed species. It is of utmost urgency for a reexamination of all models specifying survivability. It is possible that the subsequent weather patterns will emerge that will take the form of a virtually permanent cloud cover which could take the weather from a green house effect with soaring temperatures to what is considered a predictable nuclear winter effect where the bulk of the suns radiation is reflected back into space and the earth will cool dramatically and enter a very fast ice age with a reformation of the poles in a very chaotic way without a definite perimeter, and possibly a freezing of the planet globally. By the year 2020 using the current temperature graph an approximately Five degree F plus increase can be expected. The blue line is based on exponential predictors being borne out.

So then an increase in global temperature is being registered due to the fact that heat dissipation ordinarily taking place from the equatorial regions by reflection back into space can no longer take place with as great an efficiency as before, due to the spreading of its normal temperature gradient by widely ranging jet streams. Under normal circumstances the equatorial region is kept separated with its normal jet stream from adjacent jet streams like seperator walls, and will develop its own green house counterreaction to absorbing heat by giving rise to storms and accessory cloud systems which in turn act as blinds blocking absorption of photon heat and reflect a great deal of it back into space. The equatorial region is a giant heat sink trap soaking up available heat from the sun. The equatorial jet streams wider ranging ito the upper lattitudes is distributing that excess energy on areas it had never had access to before, and this redistribution of energy absorbed leaves its prime geographical historical residence able to absorb more energy. The equatorial area has a cap of energy it can hold without a reaction of storms arising, and the new increased dispersal radius allows that cap to be extended long enough to absorb still more energy; the high point cap level of radiation absorbtion the equatorial region is capable of absorbing is extended due its jet steams expanded territorial range dispensing heat to historically new areas . Now that the equatorial region is out of cyclic balance it is actually absorbing more energy from the sun than before contributing to the rise in temperature and increase in the polar temperature.

The jet stream as it was prior to 20th century flying industrialization, basically regular lattitude banding without dramatic encroachment upon other lattitudes.

Jet stream as it is today with wide ranging longitudinal encroachment upon other latitudes. Bringing vastly different temperature streams into direct contact with land and water masses alien to the streams historical wanderings. This intersection with areas alien to its historical route causes the jet stream to absorb and loose heat into areas it has never interacted with prior to the advent of aviation history.

If one accepts the fact that the jet stream has indeed increased the range of which Arctic air masses travel longitudinally from the Poles it should be easy to understand how the dissipation of the reservoir of cold in the polar areas is taking place. Take for example into consideration the following; take two equal size and quality blocks of ice and place them on the floor of two separate insulated containers, around each of the blocks of ice place five concentric walls of the same height of the ice blocks. At the outer perimeter of the final and last retaining wall place a concentric resistive heating wire element; this resistive heating wire element will act as the tropical region. If we then lower the retaining wall closest to the ice block in one of the containers it will allow the flow of cold air to go away from the ice block and intersect with the heating element more than the other ice block. The subsequent ease which the cold air can travel away from the center in the container where the closest retaining wall has been lowered is the corresponding example of having the jet stream expand further towards tropical areas. There will be a subsequent speeding up of the melting of the ice block in the container where the closest retaining wall has been lowered. The area that the ice source has as its primary domain of most intense cooling effect has had its surface area increased, therefore it expends its ability to retain the cold and melts at a faster rate.

You might say its like opening the door on the refrigerator on a hot summers day and forgetting to close it.

This is not to say that there is not some contribution to the increase in temperature from ozone depletion however the facts related to a definite correlation between rising temperature and ozone are very much being debated.

The most easily understood mechanism of heat exchange between two extremes, that of the hot and cold is for one to consider the obvious which is the jet streams deviation from the norm over the last hundred years or so. The way to potentially reduce the effects of air traffic contributing to the jet stream's deformation would be to restructure airline routes so that they travel more along the lines of latitude and reduce diagonal transit. Such an alteration may contribute to a counter action of previous effects from flights which have criss crossed the latitudinal lines. In other words restructure air corridor paths of air traffic to reduce interference with jets stream patterns which existed before the history of flight.

An example of such correction can be again illustrated by example of using a spherical centrifuge where instead of having particles crossing the separated colored bands of liquids having different specific gravity, these particles would travel in line along in the direction of these bands; it would seem logical that the particles would not have as much of an effect in causing these bands to deviate and meld together.

Such a hypothesis of course is going to have tremendous political and economic resistance to an admission such a mechanism is at work causing the full retreat of the polar ice shelves and extreme temperature and weather conditions.

There are Extrodinary technical advances available beyond the simple changes in flight patterns mentioned here which can delay or avoid entirely such world wide changes, however the political and ideological policies of nation states and their leaders will tend to retard a timely intervention. It is likely nobody can rise above ego and fear of progress.

The latest iceberg breaking off of the South Pole aproximately 180 miles long X 38 miles wide.

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The North Pole comprised of a vast floating ice sheet has decreased in thickness from its norm of 20 feet to 10 feet in thickness in just 25 years.

Beyond this obvious mechanism it is believed that a more through understanding of all radio and microwave transmissions effect on Water and Ice is in order. A test using Two appropriate shielded containers where each container has a mole unit of ice inside. Each container would have exactly the same R value insulative properties, one container would have appropriate RF shielding blocking all such wavelengths originating from man made sources; the other container would be subjected to the same maximum average density of RF recieved at the poles. The increase of brownian motion from exposure to the Radio Frequency Radiation should be measured.

Recievers of all wavelengths should be setup at the poles and in ocean water to detect and determine how much and what type of RF energy is being recieved at these specific locations in order to come to a conclusion of what level of RF the irradiated mole of ice should be subjected to. In addition time lapse test to determine long term exposures of RF can be conducted using the following additional criteria.

A mathematical model of RF reflected from internal geological surfaces such as the ocean bottom,rock substrate, temperature inversions along geological interfaces together with weather and atmospheric conditions should be included in the exposure intensity of the irradiated ice. All and any activity of the human race contributing to the upredictability of the ecosystem must be examined and those activities which are compounding the problem should be stopped.
Most policy makers and commercial enterprises have groups studying the situation and as in most cases where there is a profit or power motive a spin is put upon the evidence in order to save money and retain power and control. Should such policy to prevent technical progress continue there will be little to do except to say I wish I had listened.

Fact: The North pole ice has melted and decreased in thickness by 40 percent since the 1950's according to compiled US Navy, NOAA and other statistics.

Fact: A previously unknown layer of mud and slush has been discovered several years ago under the South Pole having properties of being extremely slippery and is increasing in thickness, ( wet ice is the most slippery thing known to science existing in nature ) ; this slippery layer is considered to be capable of allowing vast sections of the South Polar cap to slide off into the ocean virtually instantly. Many scientists consider it very possible that this could (could means maybe or maybe not) occur within 20 years or less, or in an indeterminate period of time.

Ozone Layer Predictors

The ozone depletion at the south pole having expanded has recently been observed to contract with the result of the academic community perceiving that it was not as serious and might subside. The shrinking S. Pole ozone hole was then met with observations of the N. Pole ozone hole developing. The ozone layer is acting as a bipolar equipotential shell where the two poles are conjoined tenuously; the two lobes of the shell terminating at the poles are equalizing their loss of ozone. This means that the S. Pole will continue to expand and shrink with the N. Pole ozone hole secondarily expanding as it acting as a kind of reservoir of ozone. 
As the immediate loss of ozone is observed in the S. Pole the ozone trapped overall in the equipotential ozone layer travels from all points including the N. Pole to the S. Pole filling in the void temporarily, the drift of the ozone south to the S. Pole reduces the level of ozone in the N. Pole, accounting for the spotty depletion in the N. Pole regions.

The overall effect of depletion will be shown to cycle in expanding and contracting of the S. Pole ozone hole coupled with gradual increase of the sizes and areas of depletion of the N. Pole ozone layer. Over approximately 7 years the depletion will become acute, estimates of permanent ozone loss over 40%+ of the earths surface are projected. The ozone layer will virtually cease to exist. 

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