Three years of research culminating in this simple design, an advancement not an anticlimax.
The original electronic microchip driven jammer was destroyed in peoples houses and in transit and those that used it found it was working well for them, so a new design even more effective has been devised. Its amazing to think that because they destroyed the original that this would be the answer. Totally immune from all electronic attack, and far more effective due to non repeating random frequencies as opposed to the all electronic version. The design was not easy to conceive although the end result is elegantly simple, the investigative research was a long and difficult, many out there realize that it was said by everyone countering it would be difficult and expensive if not impossible. When working it has a hum from the rotating motor.
You may use a non brush motor, but it is inefficient; but it will work, same absolute holds that you use only a AAA1.5 volt battery and that no more than 1.5 volts is present at the electrodes.

As stated above the original silent design was knocked out; at this time Jan 25, 2003 however a new model called jammer 45 on the kit page represents solid state design least likely to be affected by perp radiation, virtually silent using parts less suceptible to being knocked out.

The following is a diagram for those that have no money to afford getting a professionally made device, note that the motor chosen must be tiny and low power consumption; should run only with AAA 1.5 volt battery or it may irritate the skin. Test the motor alone by connecting to voltmeter with continuity or ohm setting and rotate rotating shaft with finger and watch meter for even small drops on the scale, this will mean that the motor will develop drops of current flowing through it and contribute to creating multiple frequencies. The motor needs to be one with commutator brushes. The frequencies that are generated are fed to electrodes of bare wires shown in red that will go into the body and jam the implant output more efficiently than the all electronic jammer, in addition its output is random and cannot be effectively countered by cancellation signals. The device I make requires one battery per day and I recommend that the new battery be installed just before sleep for maximum jamming capability as when the battery gets weaker the motor slows down reducing the number of random frequencies, you could try to attach solar cells which will be offered soon. Here is the diagram:

This and any other jammer cannot be worn while having metal necklace jewlery on the neck, as it will cause burns.

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do not use rechargeable batteries in the jammer, DO NOT
It works so well because the tiny motor 1/2 inch times 1/4 inch motor gives
off unpredictable frequencies that cannot be electronically jammed or
countered through cancellation,
Perps will say its ridiculous; they are
afraid they are being unmasked and defeated!
Batteries last approximately 24 hours.

You can use a larger motor but run the test in the first paragraph on this page;
make sure its a brush motor, the bigger the motor the shorter the batteries will last.
Present design use one only AAA 1.5 volt batter lasts 24 hours or so.

Order a jammer to help with further next
phase efforts to destroy the implants electronically.

do not use rechargeable batteries in the jammer, DO NOT
Below is a picture to make clear that the copper of the wires are not connected where they cross each other in the picture above. The above drawing is to show how the wires are for wearing the jammer 11 the picture below shows the connections clearly, note the loose ends that would be tied  in a knot are insulated wire ( they are just knotted to form a necklace not an electric connection, note that black is insulated wire and red is the bare wire); so if you have a knot with the line as black its insulated wire where the copper inside the plastic insulation does not touch the other copper.

A single negative pole method which was shown here has been found defficient due to
the capability of the implants and or directed energy attack to change polarity. Use only the following illustrated method.

If you must use rechargeable batteries, heed this warning,
get a heavy cloth material pouch or wrap such material
around the batteries. Rechargeable batteries can explode.

Think it was easy to think this up, well here are
the investigation notes on the technical aspect
of stopping and jamming the energy, I took down three previous
pages of investigation notes as they were superceded by new more
important information.

Please be aware the gov pervp depop squads
will be going to another stage of attack. Hurry and help
out because I have a plan where they loose.

do not use rechargeable batteries in the jammer, DO NOT
YOUR NOT DONE MUST READ , Go to this click
and scroll down to  ( A 321 FREE ) and DO IT

If you do nothing else tell all and any Gulf War Vets they are
likely implanted, please familiarize yourself , click 3/4 down
this other following page and look for large letters  GWS
That means email em, go to vets functions, do something don't
just sit there happy to feel better, its not over. The implants
are still causing the creation of a smaller number of prions and mycoplasm in
your bodies, for which you can counter them with Kit A ( 100 ) on the KIT page.
Now you know we need help from all of you, get in gear.
They will say its not true, but they may read it hang it up, but
they will come back read it and then maybe save their lives
and tell their friends. Why because vets have power, and they
have been targeted because the pervp know they will rise to the occasion.
Tell them straight out doctors have never come out and described their
role in human experiments even though well documented. The
doctors are either totally ignorant or involved with covering up
or doing the dirty work themselves. And if they are aware
and don't make the vets aware they are accessories.
At the bottom of the kit page there is an Activist instruction

Tell as many people as possible, be effective don't say your under attack,
say here are the symptoms, and print out the page 1 and page 2 above and distrubute.

WARNING: Its factual that implants and directed energy are atypically sent from adjacent areas; by this its to be understood that the output frequencies for both implants and directed energy are emitted from transmitters near the location of the targeted person, it can come from long distances but there seems to be a distinct common denominator of neighbors used to do close in activity. In this regard you are warned the time to take action will lead to jail, there will be a time to take action of that type and you will know when. Until such time for action comes!
The reason I say this is because countering the attacks when you are very ill is not as simple as using a countermeasure below; because if its happening to you as its happened to me then I say they can and will turn up the intensity, there are ways to counter this but it takes being aware of the fact they can observe your implant or use through the wall radar or acoustic radar bugging devices or ultra fine optic viewing wire and know when your countering their attack energy and turn up the intensity; eventually you will raise the brains chemistry and the painful effects will be reduced letting you know that you are making progress  . I assume that the state of health by the time you found this information may be poor, the techniques to reduce exposure would be different for a person in poor health. For example it would be suggested staying away from the home for lengthy periods of time due to the fact that the home is where the attackers have had time to set up to irradiate the subject far more efficiently than away from the home. Consequently the recovery of the brains chemistry would be quicker without having to combat high exposure away from the home or area where the person spends a majority of their time. The use of a bat detector may be critical to discover if there are inaudible infra sound beams present. The method of infra sound is used and is very dangerous to ignore, Infra sound is low frequency sound waves you cannot hear, they can cause severe symptoms of headache, nausea, blurred vision, changes in blood pressure and death; over a protracted period the toxins from cells failing to remove waste can cause many syndromes . If found extreme measures must be taken. This means that once its established where the deadly beams are from, and they can be easily traced because a bat detector is directional and can show which direction the ultra sound/infra sound is coming from. You should turn off all the circuit breakers to make sure what your receiving is from other than your own circuitry as the sensitive detectors can pick up Radio Frequency as well as inaudible above human hearing sound frequencies. The primary method of creating infra sound from ultrasonic can be understood by viewing patent number  3,612,211   on the following page ( X ) for your education, I know its hard to believe but yes they can, and do this to men, women and children. If its found I suggest you call the police after having witnesses to the activity of the bat detector illustrating the location is from a neighboring person. If they fail to do anything, be careful!

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