The jpg is made to a size where if you save it
and print it as is on Printer Tee Shirt transfer paper will
print out so you get 3 per sheet :
"Test print on ordinary paper first".
There is another version under it also.
Veterans Support
Group TV Show

And or make yourselves useful, get an 800 number directory
and start calling companies across the country and thell them what is going on.
To spread the word and eliminate
the rumors that you are against the country, as that technique
is being used to turn ordinary people/neighbors against you, and this is a way to fight back!
Vets are being denied services and help.

Open the following web pages and print directly from the file menu button of your browser than make copies both sides on one sheet and distribute to counter lies in your neighborhood and where you frequecntly go. They follow and lie all the time; just do it.

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The govt. is treating people like
test animals, exposing them to dangerous
experimental procedures. To get the word out also
about termination and other experiments on civilians. And the New World
Garbage Orders which are labeling harmful
experimental weapons as non-lethal.
Have a tee shirt that tells em whats really going on.
Need articles about vet abuse by their superiors just write for more sites like this one

Wait and read this at the bottom of this page is a jpg printout of a sheet of paper with the repeated statement about Experiments are being done on women and children! Print it on ordinary paper and photo copy it.Then give them out to everyone you see, and also in those who are attacking you; also give them to people in stores where you shop, the police when you see them and any quasi important person.
Do this because to educate them about this is to break the silence, put this ugly activity in the light of day, and to ultimately  debrief those who have been lied to about you. You may find people treating you differently once they know what you are doing (educating against Nazi tyranny) and educating those that are doing the attacks as to what they are really a part of ( treason, extermination, and henious crimes ). See bottom of page!