Psychiatric Research Report.
Mind Control U.S. 
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Sept. 29, 2004
Author: John Mecca
119 Whittier Drive,
Kings Park,
New York,
Tele 631-360-1557

   This report by John Mecca  documents the effects on human subjects being terminally experimented on by foreign dominated factions of personnel within United States government intelligence and law enforcement agencies. A search on the internet or publications under the following search parameters ( phrases ) will bring many references from manufacturers of devices which can be used as is or modified to cause the effects described; as well as wholly modified devices manufacture red exclusively for the purposes stated utilizing materials that will evade most if not all common medical scan techniques excepting using sophisticated spectrum analyzers under strict conditions to control the environment under which such tests are performed.

Implanted microchips and directed energy study of use on human subjects.


  In this study of techniques causing the conditioning of subjects is done considering the following parameters interacting with each other in causing the desired effect. This study was based on a four year investigation which began in the year 2000; during the following four years it now being 2004 I have spoken to hundreds of people asserting their plight of being experimented on, I myself was attacked using various techniques as well in August 2000, at least in an overt way that I would know such was artificially being done to me in varying degrees.

   The parameters below illustrate several actions by a varied group emanating  from government legislation which is also international in that most if not all are partners in it. 


Pain conditioning coupled to audible conditioning using electronic devices.
     A. neurophonic implant, is much like a cochlear implant but being a transceiver (example: one of two walkie talkies ) and being  micro miniature in size, where its implanted into the area adjacent to the ear so as to touch a nerve bundle for the purpose of  sending various signals to the individual such as:

1. Frequencies equivalent to that of emotions, being capable of causing the person into which its been installed to be caused those emotions.
2. Frequencies equivalent to that of various illness’s being capable of causing the person into which its been installed to be caused those syndromes, illness‘s and or to be caused to artificially induced to have schizophrenia. This activity of inducing an artificial mental illness is complex as learned as to how it can be accomplished; wherein. 
3. Electric shocks from a capacitor present in the implant capable of causing actual shock symptoms, that can cause as well reduction in mental capacity.
    A. Such shocks when implant electrodes are close to the optic nerve can cause temporary 
         or permanent blindness. There are numerous reports of illusions which may as time 
         will tell possibly be from actual input signals to the visual cortex or optic nerve to 
         create realistic visual hallucinations.
4. Frequencies and shocks as the causation of depletion of the nervous system chemical balances contributing to:
    A. compromising of the immune system as its efficiency being decreased from depletion 
         of chemistry directly from electro convulsive ablation of molecules from their 
         receptor sites.
   B. Decreased efficiency of the removal of toxic waste from cellular processes further 
        compromising the immune system.
   C.  Causation of the nervous system in a depleted state to have neurons fire 
         indiscriminately where a scattering of the ability to concentrate occurs.
            1. The welling up of memories occurs further causing scattering of attention span 
                 commonly referred to as ADD.
            2. Reactions of the nervous system where REM sleep is prevented through inducing 
                sleep depravation will cause a state of being overtired which fits in with a 
                contrary reaction of confusion like drunken state contributing compared to 
5.) Heating of the frontal cortex using both microwave and direct discharging capacitors emitted from an implant, causes reduced higher level brain function mimicking mental retardation, can cause temporary or permanent loss of mental acuity and other effects. 
6.)  Heating of the optic nerves using both microwave and direct discharging capacitors emitted from an implant, can cause temporary or permanent blindness in one or both eyes. 
(7.) The capability to induce the brains thinking to assimilate real and imagined info derived from sensory input to be “incorrectly” interpreted; caused by artificial instigation of paranoia by using the methods of brainwashing mentioned in this information.

(8.)  Instigation through street theatre of terror causing physiological changes increasing the efficiency of implants effects on the body and its systems. Where the physiology generally changed is the decrease efficiency of the neuron receptor sites to behave as normal in that they are caused to fire intermittently. 

 Causation of the inducement of artificial paranoia using street theatre during a finite period of time that upon the cessation of the harassment technique of stalking combined with stalkers making partial sentence phraseology heard by the victim leads to the subject targeted to adopt an analytical technique that forces them to mistakenly analyze non-stalkers discussions to  interpreted incorrectly where the targeted person then thinks that the innocent by-standers are a part of the harassment.


 Causing targeted person to be manipulated using one or all of the above techniques 1-10 wherein as an example where the target has been trained to incorrectly analyze sentence structure by repeated use of three word phraseology so as to cause target to adopt consideration that three words have a relevance to begin cognitive analysis upon hearing just three words.  This harass training leads to the target hearing incorrectly sentence structure wherein upon hearing a sentence such as “I don’t want you, to go to the store with me; wait here for a phone call from Jane Doe”; upon the targeted person hearing the first few words at a point grammatically where a comma appears will then automatically from conditioning begin analyzing the sentence information and ignoring the information after the comma.  Such activity of the targeted person plays into the hands of those who have targeted them so that this deficiency by the target appears to others as an issue of natural mental deficiency but is caused as explained artificially by conditioning. 


 The use of nerophone implants to cause a subject to hear transmissions instigating behavioral changed including instability, manipulation of decisions and actions, and in fact instigation amounting to taking orders with or without the target knowing that they are taking orders wherein the subject targeted may not be astute enough to understand they are not their own thoughts but instead think that it is they who are having those thoughts and act on those thoughts as if it were their own decisions. 


 Targeted persons have variously been eavesdropped on using common bugging devices, other methods being retrieval of documents they write and/or hear from media as well as reports of implanted devices which can transmit conversations they have with others in person or on the phone; be as it may at this juncture in time that other devices relevant to eavesdropping on the brainwaves of the targeted person have come to light defined as implanted devices in the body capable of transmissions similar to a cell phone but having an additional capability to amplify the brains EEG waves and uplink them for decoding to hear thoughts that are possible to hear. 

   Such gathering of personal information about a target is utilized to provide those who are acting against the individual to glean information such as the names of people and “issues” that the person has, whereupon such information is analyzed and phrases of three words determine to have some relevance to the targeted individuals life are used in street theatre blurting out of phrases for the targeted person to hear and then become upset about as well as such words being transmitted to implanted neurophone devices where they can hear and no one else can.


 Shock techniques used on targeted persons can cause their  conscious mind and personality to be pushed down while the subconscious personality portion of the mind rises to the surface to interact in the conscious plane, occurs as a matter of  technique that uses pain with or without simultaneous use of neurophonic, street theatre phrasing, media where  computers and real time observation allow insertion of relative sequence phrases even within radio and or television shows of which we have U.S. patents illustrating such technology has indeed been developed in particular for the purpose in which we are writing.  The subconscious mind raising to the top into conscious activity much like sleep walking is caused as a matter to compare with traditionally understood shock which could be either mental or physical such as extremely upsetting news or car or falling accident. 

   The use of such technique allows for those that have targeted the individual to artificially manipulate their consciousness to such a degree as to be able to create multiple personality disorder artificially.   The alteration of the personality of conscious state to unconscious artificially induced subconscious state allows for the targeted person to be classified by observation by uninitiated third party professionals to come to a conclusion that such a person was schizophrenic or had a dual or a multiple personality disorder; this activity of inducing an artificial illness could then be used as a way to allow the targeted person to be considered mentally ill, opening the door for further use of that person in experiments of manipulation or forcing them into a mental institution or maintain them under a doctors care which would likely include the use of drugs that would allow further decrease of the persons true conscious identity and invariably create an environment in the persons mentality to permit easier switching of the persons conscious personality to the subconscious personality.


 The use of pain coupled to simultaneous of audible, inaudible, hand or other signals repeatedly conditions the targeted person to be trained to have the subconscious rise to the conscious state as a reaction.  Upon such conditioning it is possible to induce this personality flip using phrase words alone due to the fact that the pain during the conditioning process becomes anticipated by the targeted persons subconscious and in anticipation of pain the subconscious will automatically flip to the surface. 


 Hypnosis is certainly as far as we can gauge part of the systematic conditioning process where we have technical literature indicating that inaudible specially prepared frequencies carrying verbal information can be inserted into the targeted persons psyche.  Hypnosis can in fact we believe be used to prevent hypnosis of the subject for corrective measures.


 Implanted devices such as a virtual cell phone of a neurophonic variety are being used to insert brain commands variously to musculature to emotional centers where stimulation of the targeted individual causes them to experience artificially induced depression, fear, pain, euphoria, and other emotions. 

   These devices frequencies additionally can be used to induce frequencies of  illness copied from ill people.  As well detrimental frequencies literally of a type that cause the nervous systems chemistry to fluctuate and decrease giving rise to selective symptoms, syndromes, disease, heart attack relevant to in some cases that persons predisposition to hereditary disease histories. 

 CHAPTER (9.) 

 Use of gps (ground positioning system) for location of the targeted individual can be used to transfer high intensity radio frequency energy to their brain and body causing various effects. 

  The most important of  the effects covered here in this chapter is the radio frequency induction of cells to have the fluid within them increase the atoms within Brownian motion; this effect causes temporary pressurization of the cells causing toxins originating as waste from the cells themselves to go where they are not supposed to as well as across the brains blood barrier.

 CHAPTER (10.)

 Radio frequency energy is known to cause instant  drop  in melatonin and calcium in the nervous system, and other chemistry components of the nervous system. Such depreciation of the nervous systems constituent elements that make the nervous system work properly lead to decreased immune system. 

 CHAPTER (11.)

 The use of see through the wall surveillance by radar alone can induce such changes as described where such a modality when proper frequencies are used can induce various alterations of the physiology and mental state.

   Alternatively several methods producing similar  results on the human organism can be accomplished using more remote methods for various end effects such as masers and triangulated radio frequency as well as a science known as scalar waves which are virtually undetectable due to their consisting of RF beams containing two or more separate signals that cancel each other as they transit from the emitter to the target and become active where they cross paths.

 CHAPTER (12.)

   Remote Harvesting of  large numbers of people using implants.

   Once implanted an uplink to a computer as a routine begins to process of subliminal control re-education of the brain.  This process is automated where routine decryption of the brain frequencies takes place.  Subsequent correlation of words to brain waves is carried out where insertion of artificial replacement of words in the thoughts of the targeted individual can take place. 
   Replacement of words is done through real time simultaneous cancellation of a word or words being spoken and replacement of such words with these chosen by the program.  Such generation of signals is done through reading and editing the algorithmic frequencies of the brain as can be done using current noise cancellation technology of the present day.

 CHAPTER (13.)

   The ability of multiple persons in a small area all of which are implanted to have their implants send signals that mimic the voice of the other persons implanted close by; this effect can be utilized to fool those persons into believing they are hearing the other persons speak when in reality the others are not even speaking, this would be valuable if the subjects were just out of sight from each other. 


   Repeated Torture using electronic devices conditioning the mind has as a byproduct effect that the victim repeatedly tortured to a point where their subconscious continually is caused to rise to the top of consciousness as result of pain succumbs to the following issue of psychological programming as follows:

a.  Upon extraordinary pain repeatedly applied where the victim has not done anything wrong, or told they have done anything wrong will invent in their own minds that they have done something wrong. 

b. As an example of how a victim is caused to invent the concept in their mind that they have done something wrong, an example is given as follows; “there are two children to the story, one child twisting the arm of the other behind their back and hurting the other and demands that the child being hurt says some derogatory remark about a family member of theirs, eventually through repeated demand and causing of additional pain the child being hurt complies”.  This illustrates  the issue that people can be caused to say things demanded of them while tortured, and that in the absence of demand where the victimized person knows that they are being tortured without demand has a propensity for capitulation to a demand where this issue of predisposition of capitulation to demands causes the victims mind to anticipate that they have done something wrong or are desired to carry out some action for which they readily anticipate and analyze all input sensory perceptions as potentially relevant to demands.  The  victims capabilities to interpret and analyze words and sentences that they hear become focused on looking for anything that could be considered some issue that they could capitulate to and cause the pain to stop. 

c. It is therefore understood that torture victims come to blame themselves for their torture, where they as a necessity where they are confused regard their torture as purposeful with a need to qualify that there is a reason for their being tortured. 

d.  The complexity of confused mental state where a victim blames themselves for their torture becomes somewhat more clear in regard to why they often will be taking a stance that they have done something wrong and for that wrong they are then being tortured; such a process of torture without demand by the torturer causes the mind to be conditioned to except any reasoning real or imagined given to them or by their own analysis of their situation would come to various conclusion as to the reason they are being tortured.

e. This state of mind of ready acceptance by the tortured to look for reasons why they are being tortured we can define as artificially instigated schizophrenia.  Subsequent analysis by a victim will continually result in reinforcement of  analysis of sentence structure in a broken manner, where they will hear parts of a sentence and begin to analyze that section of the sentence. 


   During the period of time the victim has their brain energized and decreasing their mental acuity the victim may have subliminal and or audible cues or phrases instigate programmed behavior to act as ordered through these means.  Such conditioned response manipulation can induce the victim to be a virtual extension of the unseen torturers. 

An example would be that a series of orders organized by the torturers would be prepaired to cause the victim to carry out a command, such commands could be as simple or complex  as follows: 

a. As stated above in the properly instigated frame of mind where the victim can be manipulated such things as causing them to say programmed sentence structure to people can be accomplished and for various purposes. 

b. Such programming can cause the person to self isolate themselves wherein they can be caused to say things to family members or friends that will instigated discords between them furthering the agenda of isolating the subject from any support that they may be able to obtain. 

c. Instigate the subject to make statements during routine conversations with others where the subject speaks in a way from programming causing programmed reactions between such persons.


   Manipulation of Victims encompasses the artificial creation of paranoia which can be utilized to cause the victim to believe that relationships exists between people that never have existed, such incitement is accomplished we believe through the use of microchip implants reading brainwave information for the torturers to decode and apply several modalities to incite the victim to a belief that there are relationships existent where there are none by using stock frequencies (frequencies obtained from studies where the actual wave forms are stored and can be transmitted to the victim via their implant) such as stock fear and paranoid frequencies. 


   Once implanted an uplink to a computer as a routine begins to process of subliminal control re-education of the brain.  This process is automated where routine decryption of the brain frequencies takes place.   Subsequent correlation of words to brain waves is carried out where insertion of artificial replacement of words in the thoughts of the targeted individual can take place.

   Replacement of words is done through real time simultaneous cancellation of a words or words being spoken and replacement of such words with those chosen by the program.  Such generation of signals is done through reading and editing the algorithmic frequencies of the brain as can be done using current noise cancellation technology of the present day. 


   The issue of the actual state of mind of an individual affected by pain and transmitted hypnotic commands such as is the case we describe, one can better understand those victimized.  Upon the sublimation of the conscious personality where upon the subconscious state of mind rises to the surface, where we consider that the subconscious state of mind is relatively the same state that is the dream state, we can understand more thoroughly the actions of the person; where in a dream state the brain gives feedback creating the environment of a dream, everything around the person in the dream is directly created and often times reacting to the dreamer.  So that now in consequence to the surroundings of the individual in a dream reacting directly to the dreamer we can correlate that activity to the behavior of the victim; where in the victim the subconscious rises to the waking state into the conscious realm and upon the mind attaining this it maintains its general activity of taking sensory input of sound and sight as if in the dream state and the external world takes the place of that usual internally self supplied environment, where such external environment input is interpreted as having directly to do with the victim and they think that every action and activity in their environment is focused towards them generally depending on the analytical capabilities of the person the effect of analyzing the environment as having to do with them becomes more or less intense.

    Training the mind through conditioning through pain can cause upon even mere electronic signals transmitted as simple as tone or other even non acoustic data received, where the subject can become programmed to go into a subconscious state prone to such reaction  without pain upon the replacement of pain with then a signal after the pain stimulus is interpreted by the brain as a precursor to pain, so then a signal sent to the subject at the same time pain is given will cause the brain to also interpret the non pain signal as an indicator pain is coming and then therefore the brain will eventually be trained to go into an unconscious state upon the signal alone.  Such general technique can be considered as the causing of symptoms of schizophrenia artificially. As to whether this medical condition is actual real as a disease we answer no, the naturally occurring disease dysfunction is organic damage or a result from temporary chemical imbalances caused as it can be from various trauma. Artificially induced symptoms of  schizophrenia is a way in which those that cause it in the victim orchestrate cause any such victim to be discredited as to their mental capacity and remove them from their jobs or society if they require medical supervision remanded to mental hospitals; the effective attack resulting in the individual being destroyed has been put to use in furthering the objectives of the attackers whatever the need on their part.


   The following is a dissertation as to the application of our investigation into artificially induced symptoms mimicking schizophrenia where we try to derive some insight into whether our discovery of the physiological aspects uncovered can shed light on the naturally occurring mental disease of  schizophrenia. The issue of  naturally occurring  schizophrenia comes to our attention where now we understand the mechanism for artificially inducing it, and subsequently have an opportunity to consider that some forms of the naturally occurring variety can be reduced or caused to go into remission. Upon consideration of this aspect of what has been learned we consider the concept that although pain is one of the prime mover’s in electronically created artificial  symptoms similar to schizophrenia and therefore deserves further analysis in regard to understanding how our report can be used to understand what if any portion of our new understanding can be implemented in regard to the naturally occurring variety.

In naturally occurring schizophrenia physical pain of unknown origin could  potentially be the cause of symptoms; in other cases instead of pain, “trauma” and “ shock” being equivalent to pain might be the cause of symptoms and be triggers for natural schizophrenia to be activated. It‘s well known that pain itself alone and of some duration can coupled to stress deplete the body of neural chemistry that allows the body to recover its capability to withstand pain and then becomes a catch twenty two wherein exponential nervous system can set in as shock. The issue of a possible spin-off treatment resulting from our understanding of artificially induced similar symptoms to cure or reduce naturally occurring schizophrenia is in consideration of treatment technique such as initially providing pain killers in anticipation that pain may be present and could be reduced even when a patient suffering from it were unaware of such pain;; the providing of such pain killing prescription would be supplanted with a vigorous program of vitamin supplements found to have great effect on victims of implants and directed energy following this chapter. Where no advantage were gained from pain killers careful observation of the trigger stimulus may well lead to an understanding of the patients experience that led to the trauma or shock and lend itself to developing of criteria to feed the patient counter stimulus to decrease or eliminate the association of such stimulus to inciting  schizophrenia behaviors.


   Supplemental vitamins researched to reduce the effects of  artificial signals where such signals adversely affect the nervous system of an individual were determined from 4 years of research and are organized as follows. The consideration to have the advise of a nutritionist or physician where the use of them involves a patient is advised; where a victim of implanted devises and directed energy are concerned the same caution may be applied as well. 

Vitamin List as follows:
Note: Updated Copyright of supplament on the following link. (X)
The following supplements showed dramatic decrease in symptomatic effects from directed energy and implanted devices deleterious effects, when taken every four hours.
*1.) Taurine, 500 mg every four hours is the most important.
a.  5-HTP, 100 mg.
b.  melatonin, 4 mg.
*c.  Amino Acid complex containing tryptophan, 70-100 mg.
The following supplements taken daily according to labeling.:
d.  calcium
e.  zinc
f.  silica
g.  biotin
h.  EFA 
I.  Potassium
k.  Hydrate with proper dosage of water


The issue of a victim blaming themselves for their being tortured is a byproduct of conditioning, from as example electronically transmitted verbal abuse, however the foremost issue is that the torture process causing the sublimation of the consciousness giving way for the unconsciousness to dominate; in that the unconsciousness is in the position of consciousness and upon being alert to the real outside world is used to dealing with the sub consciousness dream state world and senses in a relative fashion that it is a dream relatively and knows that all that happens in a dream is caused by itself; such a state of awareness by the individual psyche in knowing its dreaming somewhat known to be a part of our dream state activities ( to know it’s a dream ). Now insofar as the sub consciousness is in the alert virtual sleepwalking state as it hears all verbal input and surroundings it  interprets the surroundings as having some part in explaining its situation of being tortured due to the fact that the subconscious dream state offers staged issues where things can be interpreted to have meaning because the brain works out parallels in the dreams to have meaning for much of what happens in them. Therefore the sleepwalker considers that the things around them are issues as to why they are being tortured and as the psyche listens to those speaking around it, sentence structure will be dissected and incorrectly analyzed to fit the emotional need that there is reason for its predicament of being tortured.  Further the brain is used to applying all that occurs in dreams it creates to issues it experiences in its own made up dream episodes and as such is the case it applies the same logic of considering all that happens in the real world as part of its dream and duly interprets and analyzes it as relevant to itself during the virtual sleep walking state it finds itself in.


   Indeed an electronic torture victim with a submerged consciousness virtually a sleepwalker having artificially induced schizophrenic like symptoms will exhibit at times the perception on their part that the people surrounding them where they from nature experience that in dreams everything will respond to them find themselves committing behavior that belies the fact that they treat those around them as if they were created personalities form their dreams, expecting to some degree or another that those around them should respond to them as do created personalities in their dreams which obviously would cause discord between them and the real people around them to which they attach the subconscious issue that these people surrounding them should respond to them as they would ordinarily in a dream.  In dreams often times will be that short skits in dream segments have you as a dreamer interact with people and for whatever reason before things have a full script of exchange between the dreamer and those around them, the dream can shift completely to another subject therefore saving the dreamer from having to engage or experience that which it does not wish to; obviously in the real world with such expectations that those around them follow some connection beyond the norm there would be discord. 

Chapter (23.)

   The potential for pain to be induced into the subconscious, just as an example taking a hypnotized person and telling them in that hypnotized state things that caused  pain; such a circumstance would be that if an implant were used sending audible and inaudible information into the brain where such information were considered imputed into the subconscious it stands to reason that such a person would experience pain but not consciously feel it.  Then the issue is that their conscious mind may well then rise to the surface because the conscious brain experiencing consciousness as the central organization portion of the physiology would be subject to react and sublimate under the subconscious; where then the subconscious would then play the conscious role and all attendant action reaction issues would ensue as per the information related to prior to this statement in this text. 

Chapter (24.)

  It may be possible to reduce some of your most acute symptoms by placing an ice pack on the point between the eyes. The area of the forebrain is likely ( but not guaranteed ) to have an implant that can be electronically energized and cause heat to build up and cause a wide range of symptoms. You should try it carefully and not get too extreme with the ice to see if it can help. 
The issue is that the fore brain being energized from microwave transmission to an implant injected at that area can be used to induce heat from the antenna of the implant and or electrodes from the implant can output a current sufficient to cause heating as well. 
The results can be reduced mental acuity, spontaneous uncontrollable talking compounded by neurophonic suggestion conditioning, blindness, visual aberration, headache. 

   The issue is to compare it to a localized high fever which is akin to heat exhaustion which can cause delirious behavior. The issue is as well that the symptoms can become permanent if heating continues unabated evolving to a atrophy of the cells in that highly important area giving rise to Alzheimer like resultant. Premature death of course is possible where atrophy of the cells of vessels of blood may thin and cause stroke if your lucky not to die. 

   Heating may not be possible to determine through taking a persons temperature or from sensation either from the subject to determine or from another person feeling the forehead in particular due to the ability for the device to give off low but steady output of heat causing gradual temperature increase. Its recommended that if such as those symptoms discussed exhibit themselves the technique of cooling should be applied so as to consider that such device if present may be operating at a low output with just as substantial negative effects being caused , similar to but reduced as compared to noticeable heating of the head and skin causing heat exhaustion. The issue here is that a transceiver device is caused to emit energy in a localized area in particular in front of the frontal lobes and or near also to the optic nerves so as to heat that area sufficiently to cause the effects mentioned.

Chapter (25.)

  Also in an ironic reversed methodology sure to confuse the medical community as to being able to discern the cause of  extreme pain in the legs or forearms where the use of the opposite relative temperature where the use of hot water causes substantial relief from such pain as opposed to the issues of “chapter 24“. The consequential countermeasure is to cause Brownian motion using hot water soaks in a sink or bath to increase in those areas the tissues moleculecular speed of vibration; which  rapidly stops electrical polarization current heat causing pain in the tissue, through intimate Brownian motion mixing which subsequently decreases electric polarization and additionally neutralizes the artificial electric charging of molecules through rapid vibration motion of the intimate constituents of the tissue where that tissue is subjected to deep tissue charging. As well as saturate the tissues with soothing heat, which will have a temporary effect to overwhelm the synapses and cause them to become more stable where they transmit fewer pain signals..

Psychiatric Research Report
Mind Control U.S. 
This Information is copyrighted and requires written permission before copying and or transmitting under the rules and regulations pertaining to Copyright Law.
Sept. 29, 2004
Author: John Mecca
119 Whittier Drive,
Kings Park,
New York,
Tele 631-360-1557