Please note: This page was only put up after Leslies smear campaign against us was begun; in fact we did not know she put up smear articles against us until 1 year after the date shown on her smear articles.  We noticed in mid 2006 she was smearing us in early 2005.

She is the front runner in smear against not only us but many other people in posts and emails tell us that she is continually threatening people with labeling them perps if they disagree with her. Beware Leslie Oliver's  name itself may be a Black Ops monogram to let agents know that she is one. Agencies on a regular basis put make a name that read backward or in other ways decode the name tell those that read it there is another message:

Leslie Oliver
Les Lie Oliver
Less Lie Oliver
revilo                                  = revile
r evil o                                = evil

Maybe she should change her name to the evil anti Hindu. Hindu!

She is acting in an evil way. Nothing she says is true and she is doing it because as she says if the MC would stop attacking her she would join them. I for one believe she has joined the experimental terminators. Attacking me is to try to gain in the pecking order, destroy group effort and cause dissent. 

Its like the Old saying, where we endeavor to do good and help people. The unfortunate fact is that the old adage has some truth to it unfortunately in:
" No Good Deed Goes Unpunished".

----------------above dated  April 09,2007------------------------------------------------------------

Leslie Oliver is a Pathetic MC Victim/Manchurian Candidate Psyop Agent, and a liar, now she is a person who wants to make more trouble in our troubled lives; not withstanding she is a victim but a sick side to her exists. My name is John Mecca and I had a website on electronic attacks against US citizens before being attacked, that right before being attacked electronically and I also believe I was attacked in part because of that as well as because I was going public with my corporation to sell stock to the public ( the IPO stipulated 2% of the net profits to go to states social services programs for streamlined building code tests ). The intensity of the attacks stopped going public with the SEC and I began to expand of course on investigating the abuse I then too was being exposed to by expanding the website and making it exclusively about mind control / countermeasures. The websites she posted have refused to remove her remarks and taken down my comments telling the truth; any website that carries her remarks should be considered suspicious in that regard.

Telephone calls between Leslie and I were regular over the course of our approximate 4 month telephone relationship which had broad ranging discussions about the MC, then about 2 months into that period of our talks Leslie mentioned she would consider working with the MC to do the implant attacks; to which I told her that I would never consider it and would sever all ties to her. Leslie also made a remark " she always gets what she's after. Perhaps she has in fact begun to do so as she posts to several websites that I am Psyops ( a ridiculous lie that I and my girlfriend are Psyops, neither of us are Psyops but instead are continual activists to stop these assaults on humanity ). Leslie claims I steered her to meet a lawyer who she actually introduced me to by giving me his telephone number to call. Her lies will be her undoing. Hence when mentioning Leslie adopt the term LesLie.

Leslie constantly told me of the invisible people she said were around her car walking on the gravel of the driveway and refused to consider her perps could make gravel walking sounds instead. Also some marks appeared on rocks in front of her house to clue MC that she was a stalked victim and to let her know her house was marked, this I believed likely but when LesLie was taken to the mental ward I spoke to her so called best friend to find out where they took her so we could organize some help to get her out, that friend talked about her specifically mentioning that the marks were nothing and Leslie was off mentally; what's more is he intimated Leslie needed to be in the mental hospital. With friends like that who needs enemies, and now the same can be said of LesLie.

She says perps were following her, I have no doubt its true.

She had me talk to an Ex Secret Service Private investigator she had a falling out with about payment to him, who told me she was crazy ( I however at the time and now believe she was stalked as its happening to me and discounted that remark staying on her side as it were ). Helped her build a motor jammer which she said worked to some degree ( it does for some and not so good for others for various reasons ).

She had the FBI want to investigate her for any involvement in a violent murder in Mexico where she often goes, further saying she stays in the safe part ( white area ) away from the Mexican people ( whereas I as a contractor have hired Mexicans to work for me, I am a contractor too ); I told her they just want to use her as bait. That is what I think is the cause of her being implanted to use her as bait in their investigation, she knows many many people who are trying as she bragged active in trying or operating prescription drug sites. She at one time really tried hard to convince me to transfer all my money ( not much at the time and less now ) to a Belize bank account where she bragged about all her connections there; obviously prejudiced against Mexican banks ( you figure out her motives yet, like maybe she was trying to set me up as if I were a money laundered needing a foreign bank account with my paltry 6k I had at the time ). Beware the LesLie.

Then one night eastern standard time LesLie calls and frantically tells me she was followed by like 10 cars and they surrounded her in the parking lot of a diner where she ran into it and told the diner workers she was followed and she was barefoot, cops came and arrested her instead of paying attention to her plight. She was taken to a Mental facility for observation for as I recall 3 weeks; obtaining the hospital name from a supposed best friend who things she's off her nut ( very concerned for her however, but they think she's over the edge - nowadays I have to agree- ) I call and she is drugged to the max there ( possible surgery there I think to augment whatever implant she has ) Leslie using a common geiger counter claims she has it go off on her body as well as 4 others tested therefore she was as I see it likely implanted ( this is before being sent to a mental hospital ) . Hey i John Mecca got taken to the belvue routine because I was using a megaphone here in the towns where I live telling everyone about the implant directed energy activity, so I am sympathetic to being taken away when they are doing something to a person.

Day three or so I get ( really lay it on HELP LESLIE GET OUT OF GOV MC HELL ) two doctors in S. Cal on a conference call with LesLie and they are willing to get her out the next day if she would allow them to be representative of her situation. The one doctor a black woman dermatologist got another prominent doctor to join her at my request for LesLie's benefit. She was drugged but hey even drugged people who are told you can get out of a virtual prison would listen, but not our LesLie she could not or would not respond. The next concerned call to find out whether she remembered or understood the situation she had two willing doctors to get her but out she said we were agents; I guess anybody she has connections to at the time of the trauma are to blame. LesLie sent a very disturbed hatefilled veiled email to me to which I sent one of understanding trying to reach her which tells you something about her doesn't it. Then sends another a bit apologetic but by this time I figured hey she's like flipping between hateful and friendly definitely something wrong here. But there is more semi disturbing things about LesLie one of them is her lying for some infantile reason. Well she was not nust or crazy before but she is now, a vendetta to tie my website of all things as an issue of a fake MC website. I will be the first to cast aspersions on all who follow the MC issue not to vigorously follow up on any and all means of countermeasures.
Any stories are welcome about Leslie, but don't send them here send them to the mental health clinic in S Cal. she was in! LesLie's lies could spawn violence and people who might be BS'ed about what's true should know the truth Les Lie was a MC victim but is now dangerous. Again I say " HELP LESLIE GET OUT OF GOV MC HELL ", talk some sense into her wired head! We are being attacked, but are cautious in claiming anyone is MC because unless they are living next door or show some real evidence of it you cannot know. This website is for the people by the people, the little people caught in a trap by the big people.

Anyway   Thats the story now the first thing you should read is the first page of the website. Beware LesLie who spews hate if you help MC victims. Real help like the supplements and sound files on this website. Websites that act strictly as a support group and compiler of information without ongoing exercise of some countermeasure whether legal, supplements, electronic are OK but they are to some degree merely cataloging the results of carnage. Those that say there is no way to counter it will be surprised at what we now know and will come out with as soon as its possible. Truth is we are making technical headway into how the stuff works and how to make it respond too, that I think is the real reason for LesLie, we are making headway when everyone said you cannot stop it or measure it. The old adage is that you turn people against those making progress to stop progress, it appears to be the LesLie way, a technique well known to Psyops too; maybe they brain wave hypnotically treat her to do this wilding on people who were helping her ass (bizarre).

Truth is as I say on my website the government is doing it to us. Read the website and learn the truth, and thank LesLie for the tip to come here too. is the front page. Pay special attention to the grid index at the bottom of the front page.

Also unlike the Lieing Les I have spent my own money placing advertisements in newspapers about the attacks; such papers are Kansas City Star, Dallas Tribune, NY Village Voice, Kokomo News Indiana, Taos News New Mexico, Beverley Hills California Penney Saver, Washington D.C. elite military neighborhood areas Penney Saver, Many towns in Long Island N.Y. Pennay Savers, Seattle Times.

Protested with an 18" Megaphone about mind control attacks by telling at least 30,000 people at the Iraq antiwar rally in Was D.C. Late 2002 estimates of 1 mil were there. Went with megaphone to all of my own surrounding towns telling them of the attacks, protested by yelling out the message in front of the Wall Street Stock Exchange until they forced me to stop and then held sign for 21 weeks in a row, went to times square, several other antiwar rally's and thousands of phone calls to all media and newspaper outlets, faxed to them, called major insurance companies telling them of these things, emailed hundreds of law enforcement agencies, handed out flyers, thousands of emails the big and the small, public broadcasting show here locally for some 3 months. Letters to all congress and senate members in 2002, Four thousand four hundred post cards to all senate and congress neighbors next to their offices telling them that the senators and congressmen have a Nazi activity going on that they are sanctioning. Plus alot more and more to come. We are baout to send a proposed legislation ( top of first page of website ) to outlaw the attacks. On top of that came up with substantial countermeasures including inventing the motor jammer and are about to come out with several effective methods. So you have to ask yourself what have you done.