We have done research as to the actual effects on humans from radar! Excessive exposure causes many diseases.  FLASH radar is being used to accelerate death to major numbers of citizens.

Below is information as to electromagnetic energies effects on adults and children.

 After you read the information below click here and read the following. BUT before you do realize that many
of the patterns that are being emitted are designed to give as much exposure far away from the center as near the center; thereby exposing all those within including unprotected military to the effects.

Also realize that many who are writing have their own opinions. Ours is that the information as to the effects of these powerful radar outputs many 4 and 5 HUNDRED MILES WIDE are causing many many premature deaths and disease. The enemy is within the gates.


Do you know of anybody 
who has un-explainable
health problems!

Various cancers and diseases can be caused by
abnormally high levels of radiation from sources
such as high frequency radio emissions 
microwave energy and various other
communications and electronic industrial sources.

Do you know anybody who has cancer. Do you 
know of anybody who has a disease which does 
not appear to be from a hereditary factor. Do 
you believe that you yourself might get cancer
or other diseases even though you eat correctly, 
exercise, sleep a sufficient number of hours for 
good health. Even though you take every
precaution to insure your health there is a
great chance that you may in fact get seriously
ill and even die from exposure to radiation 
sources in either suburban or urban areas.

Breast cancer even though it has been 
defined as being caused from exposure 
to chemical, stress, nutrition, and various
other causes may well in fact be a direct 
result of being exposed to radiation other
than the type of radiation emitted by 
radioactive substances.

The levels of radiation exposure per square
inch are supposedly regulated by the FCC.
That is the federal communications commission.
This organization however does not have the 
resources to adequately monitor the levels
of radiation the population is exposed to.

We are here as an organization to offer
you a citizen the opportunity to take into
your own hands your health in relation to
this unseen menace which can affect adults
and children alike.

The quantifiable evidence supporting
radiation causing cancer is not new. The
FCC regulated the level of energy per 
square inch as a result of testing which
supports the fact that exposure above 
certain levels is unhealthy. Many countries
have standards permitting only much lower
levels of radiation per square inch. These 
other industrialized countries recognizing 
higher radiation levels as a health hazard
directly associated with exposure to 
higher levels of radiation as permitted in
the United States.

Bottom line is that studies exposing damage to

human biological damage from energy
is ignored because it could decrease profits,
including profits from health care resulting 
in illness. A healthy economy needs illness 
seems to be an unfortunate truth !

The inadequate testing of radiation hazards
from sources such as microwave telephone
links, satellite transmissions, high frequency
radio transmissions, maser emissions, radio
transmissions, has occurred due to the 
vested interest of industry being allowed to 
operate without consistent and extensive
review of the levels the population is exposed to.

Consideration of the facts about the failings 
of this and past administrations in rectifying
industries reckless claim that their products
pose no potential danger to the public are 
numerous. Examples of behavior by industry
and government acting in concert together 
for commercial exploitation include the following.
These cited examples demonstrate the lack of 
concern and judgment in allowing these 
exposures of dangerous products and/or 
conditions to exist.

During the '60s thalidomide was given to 
pregnant women resulting in the birth of 
children without arms. This year 2000 an 
allowance was granted to let industry use 
metal exposed to radioactive materials, the 
metal therefore being radioactive to a lesser
degree to be used to fabricate women's IU D.'s, 
and eyeglass frames among other products for 
consumers to purchase. Fen Fen a well known 
diet supplemental aid for losing weight was 
found to cause severe damage to the heart
valves of its users after only one dosage. The 
blatant refusal by the FDA to admit that tobacco
is addictive. Halogen lights can cause cataracts.
Cellular telephones can cause brain tumors and
possibly brain cancer. Those in positions of
authority on television and government will 
suggest that the levels of radiation received
by the population from sources of industry are
safe and should be of no concern to anybody. 
They will further state there is no evidence to 
support such claims; however based on their
lack of judgment in the past and present one 
can certainly surmise that such pronouncements 
are based fully on the reluctance to force a 
valuable economic industry to stay within safe 
limits of exposure to radiation. The absolute lack
of proper reporting by the press and media of 
abnormally high radiation levels is easy to 
understand when taken in context with their 
failure to report extraordinarily important
changes in government for example. The press 
and media desperate to sell commercial time
and products in their advertisements have
been pandering to the public with the use of
yellow journalism to maintain an audience and
sale of their newspapers.

We need your help to insure that you and
your children are not exposed to abnormally
high levels of radiation from industrial sources.
We ask you first to spread the word to
everybody that you know about this silent
an invisible menace to your health and your
children. There are certain steps which you 
can take to make sure that you are not irradiated; 
but the steps must be taken together with you and
your friends coming together with us to request 
that sufficient monitoring of the environment for
abnormally high levels of radiation be done by 
private and government organizations.

0.1 µW/cm2
(0.001 W/Kg
EEG brain waves are altered when exposed
to cell phone signal
Von Klitzing, 1995

0.16 µW/cm2
Motor function, memory and attention of
school children affected (Latvia)
Kolodynski, 1996

0.168 - 1.053
Irreversible infertility in mice after 5
generations of exposure to cell phone
signals from antenna park
Magras & Xenos,

0.2 - 8 µW/cm2
Two-fold increase in childhood leukemia
from AM-FM exposure
Hocking, 1996

1.3 - 5.7
Two-fold increase in leukemia in adults
from AM RF exposure
Dolk, 1997

2.4 µW/cm2
Interference with medical devices at least
up to 1000 MHz
Joyner, 1996

2 - 4 µW/cm2
Direct effect of RFR on ion channels in
cells/opening of acetycholine channels
D'Inzeo, 1988

4 - 10 µW/cm2
Visual reaction time in children is
slowed//lower memory function in tests
Chiang, 1989

5 - 10 µW/cm2
Impaired nervous system activity
Dumanski, 1974

10 µW/cm2
Significant differences in visual reaction
time and reduced memory function
Chiang, 1989

10 - 25 µW/cm2
Changes in the hippocampus of the brain
Belokrinitskiy, 1982

30 µW/cm2
(0.015 W/Kg
Immune system effects - elevation of PFC
count (antibody producing cells)
Veyret, 1991

50 µW/cm2
An 18% reduction in REM sleep (important
to memory and learning functions)
Mann, 1996

100 µW/cm2
Changes in immune system function
Elekes, 1996

100 µW/cm2
A 26% drop in insulin
Navakatikian, 1994

120 µW/cm2
A pathological change in the blood brain
barrier (915 MHz)
Salford, 1993

Studies by Increasing Specific Absorption Rate

Reported Biological Effects
0.000021 - .0021
Changes in cell cycle and cell proliferation
(960 MHz GSM cell phone signal)
Kwee, 1997

0.0004 W/Kg
Pulsed cell phone RF caused changes in
blood-brain barrier that protects brain from
outside harmful chemicals and toxins (915
MHz GSM cell phone)
Salford, 1997

0.001 W/Kg
EEG brain waves are altered when exposed to
cell phone signal at 0.1 µW/cm2
Von KIitzing, 1995

0.0317 W/Kg
Decrease in eating and drinking
Ray & Behari,

.005 to .05 W/Kg
Calcium efflux
Dutta et al, 1989

0.14 W/Kg
Elevation of immune response at 100
Elekes, 1996

0.13 - 1.4 W/Kg
Lymphoma cancer rate is 2.4 times normal
with two 1/2 hour exposures per day of cell
phone exposure (pulsed digital mobile phone
signal 900 MHz)
Repacholi, 1997

0.26 W/Kg
Harmful effects to the eyes/ certain drugs can
sensitize eyes to RFR
Kues, 1992

0.4 W/Kg
Statistically significant increase in malignant
tumors at 480 µW/cm2
Guy, 1984

0.58 - 0.75 W/Kg
Biological effect on the development of brain
tumors at 18% of standard (836 MHz TDMA
digital cell phone signal)
Adey, 1996

0.6 and 1.2 W/Kg
DNA single and double strand breaks from RF
exposure (2450 MHz)
Lai, 1995

2.4 mW/Kg to 24
Digital cell phone (836 TDMA) at very low
intensities cause DNA effects in human cells.
DNA effects are direct DNA damage and the
rate at which DNA is repaired. Is equal to
about 800 µW/cm2 power density
Phillips, 1998

2-3 W/Kg
Cancer acceleration in skin and breast tumors
at 50 - 75% of standard
Szmigielski, 1982

Standards and Background Levels

0.2 W/Kg
IEEE standard for whole body SAR for general
public (1/6 of an hour)
1.6 W/Kg
FCC (IEEE) SAR limit over 1 gram of tissue
(cell phone to ear) 
FCC, 1996

Power Density
800-900 MHz Cell Phone Signal Standard
PCS STANDARD for public exposure (as of
September 1, 1997)
FCC, 1996

PCS STANDARD for occupational exposure (as
of September 11997)
FCC, 1996

Background Levels
0.003 µW/cm2
Ambient background RF exposure in cities
and suburbs in the 1990's
Mantiply, 1997

1 - 10 µW/cm2
Ambient RF exposure within 100-200 feet of
cell/PCS antenna array (or roughly 0.2 to 0.5
mW/Kg SAR in the human body')
Sage, 1998,


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Again we will ask you to ignore any official or
news pronouncements that the levels of
radiation are at safe levels. We ask you to
ignore them and continue to gain momentum
in contacting your friends and family and asking
them to do the same, to contact any persons 
they come in contact with. Once you have
made an effort to educate friends, family,                                                relatives and anybody who will listen have
them contact us and w
e will do the rest.

As you well know the current trend is to 
ignore those who request a healthy and safe
environment. All one has to do is to 
remember the words Love Canal and certainly 
you will realize that to accept the official 
status quo statements is to condemn not only
yourselves but your children to exposure
that is not only been proven to be harmful
but will continue until the time action is taken
by us on your behalf.

Also remember that while extremely important
decisions are being made in Washington about 
your health and welfare, the media that you 
depend on for important information about 
what's going on in your country have spent 
years promoting stories about infidelity of 
politicians and about football stars who have
been brought to trial; completely ignoring
important information is not only suspicious
but if one were paranoid could imagine that
we were being kept in the dark on purpose 
using scandalous stories to distract us from 
their actions related to our future being 
formulated in Washington D.C. itself.

The plan itself of bringing these radiation
levels back to normal is very simple. We
are offering to help monitor on an individual
basis all persons who are concerned about 
this problem. 

You may make a non tax deductable donation!!

For information on how you can bring such 
exposure back to acceptable and harmless
levels is to do the following:

Write to

Include a Self Adressed Stamped envelope
together with your name, telephone number,
Email address. A little bit about your concerns 
and we will contact you with the needed technical 
support if possible.