The Origin of Current Extermination
Activity in the United States

The origin of extermination activity in the United States began towards the close of world war two (WW2). As Eisenhower led his army west towards Berlin and Stalin led his army east toward Berlin the german high command recognized they were going to lose and took action in effecting a counter offensive from behind enemy lines. Think tanks in Berlin churned out many scenarios and a plan was determined best to use the United States; the U.S. was isolated from all countries except for Canada and Mexico, where Mexico had secret plans to attack the U.S. which were uncovered after the war, making the U.S. the prime target; it was a prime location geographically and politically naive, and reasonably liberal as compared to Russia or any other country. Consideration as to the idea that any further German nationalism would be impossible if launched from Germany in the future. In addition the think tanks reasoned correctly that the industrial war powers would in the future sabotage any competition in taking the fore as a premier power, understanding that any attempt for them to begin from scratch from say a south american country would be crushed. Hence the decision to infiltrate the U.S. to snatch the drivers seat and hijack that country for a counter offensive. The billions of dollars plundered from europe by the Nazi's was sent as investment money to secure their interests secretly in American drug manufacturing and research companies for implementation to infiltrate the U.S., by coupling the new investments with U.S. military programs having Nazi human experimentation scientists granted immunity from Nuremberg trial prosecution a strong foothold was established.

The intact German intelligence agencies overseas were in part in place as moles within the U.S. employed to instigate the adoption by the U.S. military administration moles of the importation of extermination scientists. Long Island, New York was the center of German political party activity prior to U.S. siding with the British and its alllies in WW2. This persuasive German political force in the U.S. had substantial popularity while the U.S. sat on the fence relative to whose side it would support. German intelligence operatives in the U.S. military and other political organs of the U.S. organized the receiving of German scientists whose expertise was in "Terminal Human Experiments"; it should be stated here that there is very little expertise needed to kill people, just use excess amounts of virtually anything, whithin this context it seems unreasonable to secure such persons.

Simultaneously with the granting of immunity to German termination scientists, the German high command poured the billions looted from all across europe into American drug manufacturing and research companies. The U.S. military established an agency where these scientists worked on their craft. U.S. military and civilian counterparts having dubious personalities were chosen for the task of overseeing the experimenting on children, women, pregnant women, and servicemen and servicewomen; it should be noted that the persons defined as "dubious" and chosen for such oversight activities were obviously very ill mentally to even be engaged in such activities; taken from a standpoint of morality it should have been impossible for such a catastrophic organization from emerging from the closing of a historically disgraceful war where experimental brutality which had become commonplace, indeed such atrocities were were in part reason for prosecution of the war against Germany by the Allies.

The billions poured into the various drug research and manufacturing companies in the U.S. by Germany of course had two factors which think tanks in Germany pronounced tools for a counter offensive, one was the insertion of its intelligence into prime positions in the companies and second the immediate and close relationship with German war scientists given immunity to work for the U.S. as instigated by German moles in the U.S. intelligence agencies. The relationship had the advantages of prime positioning of medical facilities in the U.S. and coupled with the German scientists mentally deranged U.S. counterparts experimenting on people had allowed the beginnings of activity where German infiltratiors had U.S. government high security clearance's which provided secrecy for their operations to grow to what they have today, a full blown epidemic of extermination of the people of this country, through what appears to be natural illness. Post war geographical position of divided Germany between Russia and U.S. allies put its intelligence aparatus in a perfect relationship to play the two cold war powers against each other and spy on each other with German intelligence as the intermediary, in effect aiding their take over agenda in the U.S..

From the inception of this foot hold the power of the agency which had as its directive to experiment on people and in many cases terminate them they made headway into other agencies. What more powerful an agency is there where the consciences of those that belong to it are so small as to give them bully attitudes and relatively speaking they could have felt no other way except to believe they should be in charge, all the generals and politicians were percieved as weak. They were careful not to let on as to what the true agenda was, which was a complete takeover.

Newspaper reports April 28, 2001 Metro N.Y. area article outlines partial release of post ww2 documents showing top secret NAZI intelligence officiers given immunity and enlisted into U.S. military programs.

The United States today
in comparision to Germany
during Hitlers rise and rule!

Recent nationally acclaimed newspaper
has front page article stating 50% of the
U.S. population has sleep disorders.

50% percent of repondents to an advertisement
in a small little read shoppers guide type pamphlet
in N.Y. reported having sleep deprivation symptoms
of lights, shocks and strange electronic noises
which accompanied a rapid decrease in health.


Germany ww2
Control over media is obtained 
so that no mention of the abuses 
are reported, and key political
and military positions.

United States 2001
Control over media is obtained 
so that no mention of the abuses 
are reported,  and key political
and military positions.

Early mental conditioning of the population to say nothing about abuse of power. Taking people in the middle of the night while neighbors are disoriented from sleep, shooting and screaming. Long term friends being taken also because of inquiring or threatened sent a message to the german communities to shut up of get taken also.
Resulting in cowing the people to remain silent on whatever happened no matter how they felt.

Policy directives to police by those in charge of writing policy to instigate hair trigger attitudes. This attitude has been somewhat moderated by the press instigating investigations and actions; however these reactions by the press have become fewer and fewer. The reduction of reactions by the press has come as a result it is believed by pressure from the owners of our mass media outlets owned by foreign persons or companies located outside the U.S. 
Identification of Jews, Gypsies, and other ethnic groups by assigning them special identification.
Outright attacks using heritage as the basis on German citizens without cause, trial, or notification. Where these attacks are being used to generate publicity specifically to politicians and authorities in that they would have such attacked/tortured persons come to them for thelp and be completely ignored. The politicians and authorities certainly afraid any help would be dangerous for them to give, as they too might become victimized by these attackers.

Identification of Activists, Whistleblowers, Straight Arrow Nationalist Loyal American Military, politicians, people on Social Security, anyone who handles security parcels like postal workers, women for sex, and many others, and also ordinary people to mask the agenda from special operations managers who may in the early stages recognize the activity from reports by certain classes of people.
Outright attacks using electronic weapons on American citizens without cause, trial, or notification. Where these attacks are being used to generate publicity specifically to politicians and authorities in that they would have such tortured persons come to them for thelp and be completely ignored. The politicians and authorities certainly afraid any help would be dangerous for them to give, as they too might become victimized by these attackers.
This action is a prelude to an action of some type on the general public (remove all opposition by observing who may come foward to help and eliminate them from office).
Our job is to activate the general public and leave the authorities behind if it is to be stopped!
Roundup of the targeted individuals and those who come to their aid to concentration camps which are prepared using a cover story as to their true purpose.

AND THEY WERE rounded up and secretly killed after sorting of those who could work, be used as forced prostitutes, and other uses. Other uses such as seizing their money and legal documents such as property deeds and the like.

Roundup of the targeted individuals and those who come to their aid to concentration camps which are prepared using a cover story as to their true purpose.

AND THEY ARE being rounded up as they react violently or appear incohherent about being attacked by energy in their own homes and secretly caused to be sick, mentally deranged, depressed or killed without their understanding they are being attacked; they most certainly lose their jobs or have greatly diminished capacity. Virtually forced into prostitution by manipulation of the mind through advance subliminal methodology, where they require gunea pigs for all kinds of uses (lost time and alien abductions are being used for cover stories). Other uses such as seizing their money and legal documents such as property deeds and the like by making them medically ill and putting them in the hospital where they are drained financially.

PUBLIC ROUNDUP kept secret from the general media population by control of local, regional , and nation newspapers and radio.

We cannot say for sure how many may have been rounded up, however there are some 70,000 officially (doubt that their statistics can be trusted ) disapperances a year that are reported. There is substantially far more effort into finding stolen cars than people by the FBI which are the lynchpin in cross state investigations. Together with  The control exercised keeping the public electronic attacks from being mentioned in the media suggests that there could be far more people disappearing than stated in ststistics. We are suggesting its been going on, as to what level it has gotten to is impossible without media cooperation, which is not likely to begin.

PUBLIC ROUNDUP kept secret from the general media population by control of local, regional , and nation newspapers and radio.

When I call the FBI and politely start giving my name and address they hang up every time of 5 times trying to make a report of the attacks I have been subjected to.

Too late to stop.
Outright in the open extermination.
Maybe too late to stop. 

Outright in the open extermination.
To hide the fact we believe they will go to war, so they can hide their activities and eliminate more of the population. It is believed the real agenda of the "New World Order" is to prevent nuclear exchanges after a first exchange of nuclear weapons eliminates the desired number of people; whereby a closely knit group from each country being in constant contact before, during, and after a nuclear conflict will enable them to stand down any future planning of attacks. The NWO installed after the exchange would maintain the population at levels of 500 million using secret electronic termination where the subject is unaware of its being used; thereby excluding methods short of nuclear or even contemporary war.

. . There is more, but your not ready yet to know, its uglier?!

Has anyone really understood where the money has gone from health care as a result of disease. The health care crisis was born of money/profits disappearing. Guess a bit and maybe you can understand the whole picture now.

The information above this line was written approximately December 1999. 

Its 3 years later December 2002 and the site has had additions wherefore its not necessary for an update, there is no constitution which under the circumstances of mass termination is illegal as is the government by virtue of their acts of violence against women, children and men.

The virtual trillions from europe and russia pillaged by the Nazi's was dumped in pharaceutical companies in the United States and is verified by news accounts as to the paper trail of investment from the Nazi intelligence agency, the only agency to survive the Nazi regime. This was a last minute long throw over the goal posts to win the war which never ended, but went underground. The indoctrination, recruitment and infiltration of the US government was planned as the germans retreated from russia and europe. In the US prior to the war Nazi parades 10,000 strong were held on Long Island in New York State, this support went underground and there were many infiltrators in the military who helped them get a toe hold in "Human Experimentation Agency Activities", where once formed joined with the pharmaceutical companies to form an internl axis of power inside the US that has over the decades used drugs, and electronic methods to remove those that stood in the way of their agenda. The pecking order of authority has its roots in these facts as stated, as to it being a hybrid today where elements of all superpowers being involved as stated follows below this paragrapgh, one thing is certain and that is the people of the United States whom think they are still free are to be divided and destroyed.

 The individual countries allies and adversaries and their respective intelligence organizations and companies manufacturing implants and directed energy devices eventually became aware of each others use in the 1950's. The use was kept secret even though crimes against citizens by their own countries could have been used as propaganda was kept from release because of the benefits against countries and people not in the know. The corporations manufacturing them overlapped sales to allies and adversaries and this fomented a meeting of intelligence agencies from adversarial sides buying from the same sources. The intelligence agencies had international meetings to discuss the future; being the devices that brought them together were going to get them into a potential problem in their respective home countries because of their widespread use it was decided that because they took all the risks and committed all the crimes, they would rule instead of the legislative bodies of their countries. The decision was made to adopt an across the board pecking order for all world countries to follow. The circumstances of the final arrangement was an adoption of a little known plan to eliminate the rights from peoples who could under law stop them from their plans if discovered; the populations of only a few european countries and the United States were the only obstacles to its success. The european populations have few rights to be of serious threat and it was the americans that posed the threat, after all the US is a superpower; and according to the people who live there " they are the government, and no one would dare try to remove their rights". So a plan was devised and would take place as a multi pronged thrust to disintegrate the peoples power and threat to the plan. The following several methods were taken using mind control implants and directed energy to accomplish it, the first wave of use of implant and directed energy was on political and military targets in the United States and the United Kingdom where key personnel were profiled and efforts were made to indoctrinate them in the kinds of activities which could be used to blackmail them to do as they were told, failing that they would be implanted or have directed energy beamed at them to incapacitate by causing career stopping syndromes or disease or kill them. This surreptitious procurement by force was successful and implemented. Once in the drivers seat they could control an unwitting apparatus of the military and political arms to implement legislation removing the rights of the people and have done so. Second was a method to turn public opinion against gun ownership because an armed population once it becomes aware of a massive termination program cutting demographically across all ages, ethnic, financial, and political groups will shoot the aggressor; unless its done secretly as it is, but mistakes are being made and the truth is leaking despite a clear vise grip on the media. The plan active even at this time is to disarm the people through using that technology to make school children and others go insane and mind control them to shoot and kill people, in order to have a public campaign to remove all guns, this being done so there is little resistance regardless of whether the plan needs to be altered according to the circumstances at the moment. The multi pronged plan has several emergency detours which are coming up, as was mentioned the main goal is depopulation without the population knowing, spraying the population with chemicals reducing their immunity to disease is currently being done as well in the hopes that the virulence of biological agents will be greater. 

First step is to secure lines of communication and cut them which has been done effectively by having a media that only says what its told. Second secure the military and political arms by incapacitating or killing them which has been done.

The glitch is having the termination squads discovered too early on in the game plan which has spawned some violence, not yet enough for a change in plan quite yet. Now with war happening there is a probability since the plan to takeover is years old it seems fair to recognize that the war is part of the plan. It will be made to look like it was the fault of another country where all the countries will have this as a story to tel their people when the dust settles. Priority is that the termination squads being discovered and the ugly leadership engaging in it risking removal to the nearest gas chamber, this leadership has fewer options and it must now stop a huge population from removing (killing) them and do so quickly before the information in fact can spread too far for the truth to be hidden after the dust clears. 
Note : even if war broke out tomorrow and we had a nuclear war, after it all came to an end Americans would never tolerate tyranny, but the next steps are going to be taken by the few thousand who engineered this situation to save their lives. If word of the electronic termination spreads to quickly they will likely destroy the evidence and people who can link them to it, failing that they will initiate a limited nuclear war in the hope of causing enough chaos to prevent the US military (good guys kept in the dark) from finding out about it, the war and its blanket news will be used to further shutdown communications and the Internet will cease; the limited war has as part of it a plan  that US cities are to be hit with weapons of mass destruction of such a level as to have FEMA take over the government and order cities to evacuate to camps already established for 30 million and tent cities for many many more, with a common food supply; Jimmi Jones can offer them poisons that will take 4 days to act virtually insuring ingestion of whatever is offered as food if they so desire. The American people are the enemy as they think they have rights in a world where other countries people have very little in the way of rights and crimes by the leadership are routinely ignored. Therefore the US military if apprised correctly of the plan would root such black hearts from their midst. The fact at present is that there are 2 million foreign troops in the United States and not anywhere near that number of US troops in the US, its true and verified. All our troops have been sent overseas conveniently by those that are traitors implementing the plan; why would these leaders hurt their own country, because they have committed crimes punishable by death and know they are rapidly being exposed, and liable for the death penalty; like bank robbers on the run after murdering people in the bank they are desperate and will stop at nothing not to get caught. The ultimate problem faces this country and the world. The depopulation plan spoken of  here is openly spoken of by the elite ruling gestapo of the CFR Bildenburgs, and what is known as the illumaniti,  is openly acknowledged as a way to save the earth from overpopulation stripping it of its very ability to support the population at present standards; this supposition has been pumped out by the subversives funded think tanks for decades and lapped up by science illiterates of the ruling class for as long; truth is that technology can allow for a higher population than triple of what it is now, the truth is that the ugly leadership wants a subservient population without rights that at low numbers is easily managed. This is the truth, and unless you dedicate at least 1 day a week to telling everyone they are terminating people in the their own homes we will have a large loss of life on the planet without really having to let it happen. The termination of men women and children in their homes in this country is occurring with more finesse than the Nazi's had where they had to round them up and take them by rail road to a concentration camp. The medical community is owned in large part by benefactors of this plan, where those that are terminated have their insurance and savings churned into the deadly system.  From all the facts the ultimate goal appears to be depopulation and fragmentation of the United States (reduction of the population to have no rights as a preparatory phase so that no counteraction to what's about to happen could take place )For more infoclick here ( X )


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