An introspective interview of John Mecca's perspectives from an independent observer.

   An independent inventor with 6 U.S. registered patents to his name, John Mecca focuses not only on space technology, medical devices but primarily in design for the national defense, the inventions are to promote the health and survival of human beings in an era of unchecked technology. Born in New York, John Mecca taught himself the foundative points of the sciences. The web site was created in August 2000 in an effort to educate the American public as well as the intelligence agents out of the loop as to abuses of power in elite agencies technological  sectors.

   John also provides countermeasures for individuals who might discover themselves to be targeted for technological experimentation without their knowledge. John's main objective and purpose is to promote ethics in government and other organizations; in particular spotlighting legislation first presented to Congress by then Senator John Glenn now Retired in 1997 calling for a cessation of human experimentation without notification of subjects. A special calling akin to being a teacher is a way for people to understand the driving force to become active in such areas which are generally unknown specialties. His focus is primarily research in science, political science and strategic government policy tied together as tools for predictive actions of governments. 

Self taught design innovator who believed that what was offered at schools was designed to hold him back. Succeeded in patenting some of his inventions. Upon the discovery that some were to be held back after numerous interested parties made offers and stole information the open at meetings inside lawyers offices, began a process of applying for an S-1 Corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission. A few weeks after receiving the SEC response for changes to his filing was attacked to such an extreme that filing was impossible. He has no college background but has studied in college libraries of Science, medical and other sources of research information. Was taught that if you wanted to get somewhere you should do it yourself. 
The Author   had an uncle that in the 1940's died after a two week illness of Leukemia; the suspicion is he was exposed to radiation; the author also has patents to his name as follows: 
1.) Antiballistic Missile Targeter. 
2.)Laser Attack Protection for Satellite Apertures during wartime. 
3.)Vertical Takeoff and Launch Space Shuttle
4.) Arterial Regenerator (Atherectomy Device
for removing Plaque from Blocked Artery Passages.
5.)Robotic Segmented Modules. 
4742680 & 4829767 & 
6.)Inflatable Space Station.

All patents click here

7.) Submission to the "Strategic Defense Initiative" for funding of 
unpatented technology titled "solid stete inertial motion (better known as "Supergravity"). After which instead of receiving funding did notice people following me, the entire government computer containing al the SDIO submissions was stolen from the pentagon offices never to be recovered! 
7.) Other proprietary inventions not yet released for 
use on energy and transportation which will go to a country considered the lesser of two evils depending on a curtailment of torture, murder, and extermination by the United States; being carried out by agencies determined to alienate the world body and the United State's own people. 
A.)The Author has made submissions for some 30 years to 
Military organizarions for contract alterations. 
B.) To the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDIO). 
C.) Proposed the Inflatable Space Station to Then President Bush Sr. 
After presentation 4 months later he started an inflatable Space Station 
Program using 1958 technology with mere inflated rubber bags. 
After having attended the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory 
"bidding conference" and several months after I subsequently 
I faxed the information as to the superior technology which it represents 
to the funding agency (Dept. of Energy) headed by 
Admiral Watkins; and several months later the program was cancelled. 
I can only surmise some considered that 1958 was just too old of a 
technology to invest 40 billion dollars into. Of course Bush won politically 
and monetarily even when the plan to fund failed and the program collapsed 
due to schrewd manipulation as congressional leaders anticipated a 
fat budgetary delivery to their states.
I have been offered deals from SDIO proposal writers 
(private company), also have been offered deals by persons associated with the a 
Vice President; however the deals were geared to cause me 
to go in the red almost immediately so I refused.
It is obvious to me now that all the spying being done on me to steal #7 was
a secret society agency using the cover of the Federal branches to do so. 
There was never an intention to allow me to benefit from it or to allow its use as intended
( for the little people to benefit ). 
Women and CHILDREN experimented on with 

radiation's causing death and disability 
(who do you think you are kidding).
Some living some dead victims can be read about as the 
tip of the iceberg. We can only wonder how many 
people do not know they are being experimentally killed and disabled thinking it is some illness.

 I have several US Patents to my name, back in 1988 I sent information to then President George Bush Sr. with diagrams of my inflatable space station and received no reply at all, about 5 months later I then put advertisements in the Wall St. Journal and New York Times in the "capital wanted section" saying Capital wanted for multi billion dollar real estate project; a few  months after that Bush Sr. announced he was starting an inflatable space station program with 40 billion dollars from the Dept. of Energy and stopping funding for NASA; his claim was they could do everything NASA wanted 400 billion dollars to do for 40 billion. A public fight in the news papers ensued where NASA said the technology would not be feasable and the president was ill advised, in the newspapers Bush countered and stated he had moles in NASA saying that NASA's own research papers showed it could be done. As for me I was ripped off, but the story continues, I got invited to a Corp in Huntsville Alabama that builds spy satellites and in was given permission to use their name at the bidders conference at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory to which I had received an invitation without asking. I went of course and distributed my info package to the approximately 100 other company representatives espousing the obvious advantages of the technology I had patented to build an inflatable space station over the Bush 1958 technology of an tire tube like method which was inherently dangerous. Anyway the project was apparently bound for fabrication for some 18 months with congressmen kissing the presidents ass in anticipation that if NASA lost 200 billion Bush had the wherewithal to guide 40 billion somewhere, and maybe to their state; well here I was ripped off for the general idea and of course aggravated about the use of a dangerous methodology when I discovered to my surprise I would make money off the program because I had in my patent something none of the other patents about inflatable space stations had, which was a means to connect one module to another. But then I faxed a comparison of the Bush intended inflatable with my technology to Admiral Watkins then Head of the Dept. of Energy's private secretary, and several months later a surprise occurred that the program was canceled and get this because Livermore Laboratory had a mandate to do defense related projects only.

Another project seems to have been stolen also, recently an aircraft was video taped over Albany NY and my brother called me and told me he thinks he just saw my Patented and Copyrighted Transatmospheric craft on TV and that it was called a UFO and the FBI seized the original video of it from FOX 21 TV station Albany, well I look and compare the pictures and there is an 95% chance it is my patented aircraft. Then I began to wonder am I being murdered by implant/directed energy because they owe me money. That's just part of what's going on. If they actually put it in production I may get compensation except I heard in Nov. 2002 that the president says they can seize any propety including intellectual without compensation. Now there is a story that leads up to my being attacked, and it goes like this, in 1988 I answered a news group post saying help I'm being attacked with electronic weapons, I answered and sent information as to faraday cages, and EMP to knockout the implant devices, then the correspondence  dropped off till 1999 and I sent similar info to others asking for help and also began a web site with much about human experimentation, at that time in mid august I was in the middle of filing an Initial Public Offering of my then new corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the space station patent, at that time I got a phone call from a woman who is the estranged wife of a Retired colonel in the marine corps head of wetops NATO, she told me that high brass and politicians were swearing allegiance to foreign organizations and involved with child sex; the very next day I was violently attacked in my home with energy pulses like 220 volts and later temporarily blinded. There is much more to the story. But here we are 3 years after being attacked like that and discovered jammer 11 i gave it the 11 designation because we all deserve to feel we have " won one ".