Americans for Truth is a group of dedicated individuals determined to present to the nation the truth about public safety and the probability of mass casualties in the event of a national disaster including nuclear terrorism. We are determined to expose the truth regarding:

1) The risks and health hazards of uranium and transuranium elements.

2) The total lack of emergency preparedness in the Veterans Administration to assist in the event of a nuclear disaster.

3) The coverup, the lies, and the mismanagement by the VA the veterans' health care, especially in relation to radiation exposure during the Gulf War. The VA has no doctors with expertise in internal radiation contamination.

The use of "Depleted" Uranium DU in the Gulf War and the medical consequences is a nightmare. The soldiers were totally unaware and uneducated about the health hazards of DU exposure. The military thought the health risks were outweighed by the increased effectiveness of the depleted uranium tanks and shells.

For almost seven years the truth has been hidden behind smokescreens, coverup and outright lies. The weight and complexity of the coverup and the cowardliness of the media to help expose the truth is a story in itself. Truth always comes out. It came out through the Internet and now it is leaking out into the real world. (See Dan Fahey's report on the the April 4, 1997 Meeting with the Pentagon's Persian Gulf Investigating Team PGIT regarding Depleted Uranium Exposures in the Gulf War. Available on the:

National Gulf War Resource Center


What we have done:

1) We engaged in an unsuccessful five month campaign to get out the story of the radiation contamination of the Gulf War veterans and the VA conspiracy to deny them treatment. Some of the TV news programs and newspapers we contacted did interviews but watered down the story or didn't publish it. NBC cancelled at the last minute.

2) We sent letters to Congressmen, Senators and President Clinton to protest the coverup and the firing of Dr. Durakovic, the only doctor in the VA system who has expertise in radiation contamination.

3) We sent medical information to the Presidential Advisory Committee on the Gulf War Illnesses. They ignored it.

4) We wrote a petition to Senators and collected signatures to protest the injustices and the coverup in the VA.

5) We organised and held a march in front of the White House on April 26th, '97.

6) We have surfed the internet downloading endless Congressional and Senate Hearings and useless information telling veterans how to deal with the inefficient VA and how to get used to being sick for the rest of their lives. We also found a few good articles.


What we are doing now:

1) We are continuing our signature protest . We need 100,000 signatures, one signature for every veterans who came back from the Gulf War sick. Please help us.

2) We are organizing another Rally on May 23rd 11 A.M. - 3 P.M. in front of the Wilmington VA hospital to protest the "firing" of Dr. Durakovic, the only physician in the VA system who had the expertise and the courage to demand the proper medical testing for Veterans exposed to DU.

3) We will help organize major speaking events. Dr. Durakovic is available to present the medical facts with all supporting documents.

4) We are investigating serious alegations of human experimentation involving radioactive materials and gulf war veterans.

The VA is fully aware of the seriousness of the use of radioactive materials in human experimentation. They were recently ordered to investigate this particularly in reference to plutonium and other actinides being used on terminally ill patients. We have evidence of the current use of radioactive materials being used on Gulf War veterans for experimental purposes. The evidence will be presented in our legal action.


What are our goals?

1) Eliminate and replace the management of the VA hospitals who have systematically conspired to eliminate radiation specialists and deny testing and treatment for DU exposure. The VA has done some public relations work to offset the accusations regarding the coverup and lack of treatment. The Baltimore VA even went so far as to say they had a program to study the effects of DU exposure in veterans and to invite veterans to get tested. However when Joyce Lashof, chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee went to investigate their claims, she discovered they had no Doctors.

2) Involve doctors who are specialists in radiation contamination and seek international collaboration.

3) Get veterans groups involved so we can piece together which units were exposed to DU, for how long and under what conditions; e.g. were they breathing dust from exploded tanks, handling damaged DU tanks, present at the Doha fire? Until recently the DoD and the VA were only willing to admit that veterans who actually have pieces of DU embedded in their bodies had been exposed . Because of our campaign to get treatment for 24 soldiers of 144th Transport Co. they have recently been mentioned, but still have not received the tests that Dr. Durakovic recommended 5 years ago.

4) Demand that these 24 veterans get the tests.

5) Educate all veterans so that they can demand the proper tests.

6) Find a law firm interested in taking on this case. Perhaps the manufacturers of DU weapons and tanks can be sued to provide funds for the testing and treatment of vets.


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