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Thank you for taking the time to read this, one of several installments regarding the apparent truth of the secret attacks upon thousands of known victims from across the nation, not to mention the hundreds of reports from other countries. The anticipation is by symptoms that are new and that Doctors cannot explain are the very symptoms victims of covert implants have reported. See the grid index at the bottom of the page or click here.


A Real Corona Virus Cure? 

March 3rd, 2020

   I am not a doctor, the information offered here is based upon research and cannot and should not be considered worth doing without your doing your own research to verify the usefulness of it. The following supplements have been stated to stop the virus from replicating in humans.

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is the average daily dietary intake level that is sufficient to meet the nutrient requirement of nearly all (97 to 98 percent) healthy individuals in a particular gender and life stage group (life stage considers age and, when applicable, pregnancy or lactation).

There are numerous reliable scientific studies that show that the RDA greatly exceeded has in some cases direct benefit and it not detrimental to health, however you are responsible for your dosage and you might want to consult with a doctor or other expert.

Corona Virus may be protected against by having the following at somewhat higher levels that ordinarily taken as supplements:

PLEASE NOTE: Your personal dosage of the following supplements will likely vary as to the maximum you should take.

*        *       *

1. Vitamin D3 2,000-10,000 IU daily

2. Calcium

3. Appropriately K2

4. Selenium per directions plus

5. Zinc per directions plus

6. Magnesium

7. Calcium

8. Vitamin C 4000

9. Glutathione

10. B complex

11. Kelp for Iodine, or iodine itself

12. Copper capsules in water to gargle with and spritz with a saline spritzing atomizing bottle into the airways by inhaling it.

13. One a Day Multi vitamin every other day for the additional other nutrients are according to standards relevantly important as well.


i.   The above are believed to be important to supplement individually.

ii   Samer Blockmon, an internal medicine specialist at the Georgia-based Piedmont Healthcare system, agreed that excessive hand washing can make you vulnerable to illness. If you wash your hands too often, you are also removing the healthy oils and good bacteria that defend against disease, she said.

15. The method of protection from infection is to augment the immune system. How many people know that preventing or even slowing down coughing reduces  inflammation of the tissues that are moving violently with each cough, slowing or stopping the coughing can reduce infection getting more severe. Therefore the use of a hair dryer may be of help for those who are coughing, put chap stick on the lips and keeping the har dryer 12 to 18 inches away from the face inhale hot air for some 3-10 minutes and it may cause the coughing to cease. The context is related to reports that persons whom were very sick with flu many years ago had a job in the boiler rooom heating in a building basement, those people that were sick went into work in those basements supposed to be approximatly 130 degrees Farenheit were nearly all better after a day at work; having done much the same thing in a sauna and with harir dryers can say it does work, as ti whether it will help with flu, influenza or corona virus it can be said that whatever the body does not have to fight off will augment the immune system and be of some advantage.

16. Will a mask be an advantage,  yes a mask is a good ide for as long as the threat of deadly infection remains high, particularily in supermarkets since that is the only place nearly everyone needs to go to. In a pinch any fabric is potentially useful to create a mask. Despite that home made masks are not anywhere as efficient as a N95 Respirator and they are not a guarantee of effectiveness they can leak, not be properly cleaned and viruses can be contracted through the eyes. But any advantage is a good advantage.

17. The use of ordinary grocery store soda "tonic water" may be of some benefit to drink. It should be looked into

18. There are other more extensive methods that are out of the reach of most people that are not covered here.


20. Pray for redemption and for Jesus's prophets who have been and are being crushed by the godless and greedy.

God the creator father of all, states in his written works that 666 mark of the beast (implanted in the body devices) are a primary way to identify what and who are of the beast. The use of “implanted in the body devices� is a sign of a great evil from the beast. In human terms the beast is an unreasonable action not unlike an unjust law. Therefore the beast is today recognized in part that the laws are a part of the “Beast� and that they are unreasonable to force “implanted in the body devices� into people to cause pain and suffering and to twist and destroy the peoples souls is an evil and a true sin against God who has inestimable power over all creation. Such things are subject to the laws of God that the “Beast� and its followers will answer for their evil to God's angels of heaven and earth. For it is known that the evils of mankind and horrors put upon the people of the earth, especially upon those whom believe and have faith in his Son Jesus the Christ will have God on their side and woe to those who challenge God as to his dominion. Sanctions from God against the evil ones who enforce the “Beast� will have everyone of them brought to judgment who indulges in or merely turns a blind eye to such evil. These are no the words of mankind, the words are from He which no one comes before or after, the alpha and the omega, He who has the highground of time itself SEE;
“Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Revelation 13:18 [Full Chapter]
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Revelation 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.�

JUNE 2016

Dear Reader,

     For those of you who innocently do not believe that the government is actively experimenting on the public at large may I draw yor attention to the following :


“Mr. GLENN. Madam President, if I approached any Senator here and I said, ‘‘You did

not know it, but the last time they went to the doctor or went to the hospital, your wife or

your husband or your daughter or your son became the subject of a medical experiment

that they were not even told about. They were given medicine, they were given pills, they

were given radiation, they were given something and were not even told about this,

were not even informed about it, yet they are under some experimental research that

might possibly do them harm—maybe some good will come out of it, but maybe it will

do them harm also—but they do not know about it,’’ people would laugh at that and

say that is ridiculous. That cannot possibly happen in this country. Yet, that very

situation is what this piece of legislation is supposed to address....�

---- United States Senator John Glenn.

“Congressional Record S645 January 22,

1997�, prior to becoming a Senator he

was the first American to circle the Earth

in outer space in 1962.



Further News:
March 9, 2013----WARNING



1.)  NEW YORK STATE LEGISLATIVE BILL A4440 Gottfried (MS) -- Prohibits participation in torture and improper treatment of prisoners by health care professionals .

2.) NEW YORK STATE LEGISLATIVE BILL A4440 and  S2397 HOYLMAN -- Prohibits participation in torture and improper treatment of prisoners by health care professionals.



   The Bill mentioned below was as stated below failed to become law January 1st, 2012, however it is now being pushed again today JUNE 25th 2012. If it does become law the authorities will have the power for whatever reason they like to round up anybody for their beliefs and those who associate with them. Also those who are being experimented on will through the definitions of the Bill become prisoners with the additional barrier of that status to fight against.  Imagine you are complaining about being experimented upon as some call cointelpro, such complaints are beliefs and you could be rounded up and put into a camp to be educated never to talk about State secret programs again and the method will be by the politically correct terminology of "Adverse Treatment" which is actually torture. Or maybe you are complaining about the economy or the authorities, you also could be rounded up and get pain compliance to stop your complaining just like in any dictaorship you can name. The official cover story is to stop health professionals like doctors from participating, but its really to limit the liability of the States by their saying doctors cannot torture without proper authority. It is a scam power mad law for the authorities to destroy the country with the law in their pockets, they will be sure to use it..

   The time is now to read the following and spread the word, everyone call your own State's representative and tell them your State must refuse to remain obligated to the 50 State Interstate Compact which exists among the States that will make the New York Law their States law, read the consequences of the Bill as law as follows and ignore the statements the Bill has been defeated, it is actively making progress in the New York Assembley and Legislature. Interested in stopping the attrocity from spreading write to us to find out what other actions you can do to help stop the madness.

   New Yorkers should be especially dilligent to make all efforts to call all representatives and tell them they must not allow the Bill to pass.
End of the JUNE 25th 2012 update! Please now read the following about their devilish plot against all of us.

The Gottfried Bill Dismantling All 50 States CONSTITUTIONS Fails!
The Bill Providing Cover For Allowing Torture Fails!

     We have news as to the effects of our letter that was sent to all of the Senators and Assembly Members in New York to stop the Gottfried Bill from passing into law.  We have been notified that the Gottfried Bill did not pass and did not get voted to go to the floor.  The session for 2011 has ended.  The Gottfried bill will not be being voted on for this year of 2011.  However we were told that the Bill will be assigned a new number and possibly sponsored again in 2012 in an effort to try to seize all 50 States and get voted in. 

    We have asked for information from the office the Bill originated from about having a public hearing of the bill and as of now have “notâ€� received a call back to this inquiry 2 weeks later.  We will update you as soon as we receive information about if there can be a public hearing to air facts and viewpoints to quash the bill.  Thanks to you the public for helping us to take action against this insidious Bill.

    Any Bill can be passed on emergency basis, which means it may not be open to public debate and can be automatically enacted into law, so please keep your ears to the ground for any news of any emergency action and read the analysis about the Gottfried Bill.  Also as the sponsors will try again to put this bill forward in 2012 continue to call and write to your legislators no matter what State you are in and ask them to contact the New York State Senators and Legislators and demand a halt to any progress of such Bill of Attainder legislation.  Don't ever stop fighting back.

Thank You
Deborah Lamb and John Mecca


    Politicians, Hollywood Stars, Big Business CEO's are likely already installed with implanted devices to incapacitate them where they do or say anything the NWO controllers don't like, or because they have a replacement person prefered for the position.
    We are in a country among nations working to dominate our very lives, health and destiny. The NWO control is worldwide and intend to keep their control if they can. It's up to you to make sure they don't carry out their vampire nefarious plan without taking a stand. You can do more than just complain, you will learn now what to do.

NEW Second installment of Internet Segment: update for June 15, 2010:

Update on our Court Action:
     This is our second installment of information regarding our court case.  We have received extra phone calls from victims asking for information and or direct help. The requests are here answered for those that asked the questions and for those who may want to know. First we are not perfect, nor attorneys and financially unable to do more than what is presented here. One of the questions asked was, would we help with another persons court case; we cannot give legal advise as it is considered illegal, we are going to give adequate review of our own complaint to give the victims an insight as to how to handle their own as a parallel. The facts of how a victim should approach the problem of formulating their own complaint is a relative issue, as we believe as we have said on the first installment that a complaint should be entered into a State Court and not a Federal Court. The reason for that is mentioned in the first installment.

     A second question was regarding FOIA and State FOILS, where the specifics were how to go about preparing an FOIA/FOIL. The first issue to face is that the authorities both state and federal are allowed to lie and keep the information you may be seeking where it is about yourself secret. Because whether you're under human experimentation or some form of new bizarre form of trustee prisoner, you would be refused on the basis that an ongoing lawful investigation was being performed upon the person. As well from our own efforts to FOIL and FOIA the information being sought will not be given unless it is about a generic topic. Such topics must specify a time period and the actual information requested must be about some aspect that is not directly connected to the information you seek but is possible from the generic information to cause a perception that such as what you truly seek is likely to be present. All in all the only way to get information about ones self is to FOIA/FOIL and then subsequently appeal and upon getting nothing still then to sue in a court for an answer.  However evidence showing standing and harm will be needed to get the court to find for the Plaintiffs and order an answer from the Defendants. This information is what we have learned from personally sending out FOIA's/FOIL's.

     In our first installment we made it clear that attorneys will not help us and we presume will not help any attack victim, due to the fact the attacks are being done under law, however they are unconstitutional.  We are "Pro Se" as a necessity, because lawyers will not touch this kind of problem; until someone establishes case law by winning.

    Now our Court update for June 15, 2010 is:

     The Court is currently hearing Defendants and Plaintiffs Motions.  The Defendants always ask for a dismissal and have entered a Motion for dismissal, we the Plaintiffs Debbie and John have entered a cross motion to counter the Defendants Motion, that we believe is more than adequate for discounting and mooting the Defendants motion based on law. Therefore we are currently awaiting the outcome of the Justices decision in this most important matter.  The decision by the Justice regarding those motions is set for mid-July and neither Defendants or us Plaintiffs, Debbie and John are required to attend, so far as we know at this present time. Our complaint asks that all New Yorkers who have been experimented on without their knowledge or consent must be notified by Defendants being New York authorities, when and if we win our case.  No public hearing is scheduled at this time.

     Recent emails from victims about New York State Legislative Bill A6665C Gottfried (MS) -- Prohibits participation in torture and improper treatment of prisoners by health care professionals  information of New York State Legislative Bills to prohibit Physicians involving themselves in harsh investigations, does not benefit electronic attack victims.

     The following is John Mecca's and Deborah Lamb's analysis based on NYS Law of the text of the Bill 4495--A, that shows in simple terms the true purpose and meaning of the NYS Bill; “PROHIBITING PARTICIPATION IN TORTURE AND IMPROPER TREATMENT OF PRISONERS BY HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALSâ€�.

Where the Bills definition of "Prisoner" means any person who is subject to punishment, detention, incarceration, interrogation, intimidation or coercion.

1.)  This Bill is to a great degree for the purpose of removing linkage of liability, of NYS, that the State not be held liable for the actions of medical personnel whom engage in aiding harsh and egregious treatment; is by the Bill implied to be applied on a case by case basis and is not a blanket statement for all medical personnel. Nor intended as a Bill for indicating criminal activity by medical authorities.  

2.) In essence the Bill is an unconstitutional effort of the NYS legislature to have on their books a law that places responsibility for wrong doing by medical personnel upon them alone, and further that the law by its wording leaves the medical personnel responsible to prove where sued that they had substantiation of adequate legal sanction, from whatever authority they operated under; such proof necessary for a medical practitioner to obtain from the authority they acted under has intrinsic barriers at present under for example Federal FISA and other authorities such as Military Tribunals. For example Guantanamo Internees are not protected under the CAT Act due to the U.S. State Department having claimed exemption of that act and other restrictions such as those under the Geneva Convention, by the authorities of the State Department claiming allowance to contravene those international and other agreements and laws through the legal stricture of “Lex Specialis�, in legal theory and practice, is a doctrine relating to the interpretation of laws, and can apply in both domestic and international law contexts. The doctrine states that a law governing a specific subject matter (lex specialis) overrides a law which only governs general matters (lex generalis).

3.) By the laws wording, it does not therefore actually prohibit medical personnel from engaging in aiding harsh and similar treatment where legally sanctioned, nor does it encompass or prohibit pain and suffering caused by human research or experimentation. Human experimentation is not an issue covered by this Bill, except that the Bill excludes pain and suffering as an issue where they were caused from NYS waiver of consent human experimentation or research. Therefore the Bill does infer sanction of legitimacy of NYS  waiver of consent human experimentation or research to cause pain and suffering.
4.)  The NYS law does not state that there is a criminal penalty for medical personnel, by there not being any mention of any penalty, is inferring that it is merely a reportable condition of a medical personnel's activity, which may result in some peer review. 

5.)  In the Bill there is no mention of addendum to criminal law, as a further indication there is no criminal penalty implied. And how could there be any criminal penalty, where the higher Federal authorities have laws for virtual torture and harsh treatment that sanction such activities to that which the NYS Bill decries.

6.)  The Bill implies without qualification that NYS authorities themselves cannot be involved with virtual torture and harsh treatment and that such lack of text qualification prohibiting NYS authorities as a meaning of implied restriction of NYS authorities, is wholly mitigated by the existence of the vague waiver of consent human experiment and research laws, which can enable use of pain and suffering as apart of an experiment or research. Therefore by the laws wording, it does not therefore actually prohibit authorities or medical personnel from engaging or in aiding harsh and similar egregious treatment where legally sanctioned as such laws allowing sanction exist in NYS.
7.)  The Bill essentially is used as a vehicle to unconstitutionally quantify persons who are ill treated inside or outside of New York by medical authorities or NYS authorities as without their guaranteed NYS CONSTITUTIONS CIVIL RIGHTS of due process, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and other rights.  This is done by the qualification that such abuses by authorities are as can be understood from the text of the law are not open to criminal penalties.
8.)  The Bill is an unconstitutional extension and subsequent unconstitutional extension as a prejudice against any person egregiously effected by NYS medical personnel, accommodated by the unconstitutional acceptance in a breech of New Yorkers civil rights that enable unconstitutional acts by Federal or even NYS authorities to be considered separable as to the liability of NYS where in the Bill the state seeks to sever its liability as regards egregious actions of medical authorities and is wholly conflicting with the scope, meaning and purpose of not only New Yorkers Constitutions Civil Rights but also of other states constitutions Civil Rights and some would argue is in conflict even with the U.S. Constitution where honest legal authorities were queried.

9.)  All TI's as persons whom are being attacked face possible negative influence by this Bill in context of: (a) the unconstitutional definitions the NY legislature invented to protect NYS from liability (b) and the unconstitutional holding by the NY legislature of egregious acts by licensed and other authorities as not actionable for criminal charges and, (c) it is unconstitutional for the NYS to imply no criminal penalty where the reason is to unconstitutionally alleviate NYS of liability as to the acts of their licensed or otherwise controlled medical professionals, as it is a perversion of the law.  Such that upon authorities or medical personnel coming to light in the discovery phase of a complaint,  could have such legislation enable offending defendants to claim that New York State and hence its authorities are free and clear from liability except as to minor infraction and that could result in pain and suffering not being allowed as issues of  intent by defendants and therefore such pain and suffering as liability could be evaded by New York State authorities and New York State.

10.)  In summation this Bill is slickly worded, as it decreases our NYS Civil Rights as sovereign people to prevent liability not only of New York and its New York authorities, but also its medical personnel as well.

11.)  The Bill needs to be opposed and not embraced. 

     The Bill if read carefully is an effort by the NYS legislature to prevent News York States liability if a physician is sued  by a victim for having been involved with torture or ill treatment of a person. As well the Bill CLICK here <> check full text, summary and enter the numbers S04495A up will come the full text and read carefully you will see the legislature is providing legal loopholes for them to allow physicians as NY licensed medical practitioners to act to do torture, but that the new legislation holds NY free from being held liable and also NY does not say that those who chose to do the deed will be held criminally liable, just that NY will not face liability and therefore could not be sued. Not sued at least if the wording is inadequate, the law itself is unconstitutional to sanction the act of participation in torture or harsh treatment anyway. Additionally the legislation provides another loophole that legally sanctioned actions of whatever authority are not covered, they could be Nazi Doctor Joseph Mengele research and experiments under wavier of consent human experimentation available under public laws of NY. So what is the legislation, it is an unconstitutional construction releasing physicians from adhering to the new law and frees NY from liability where such New York medical authorities involved with ill treatment of a person may be taking place inside or outside of NY jurisdiction. To sum up, victims and activists who care, should start a letter writing campaign to have the final Bills draft scrapped and that the true issues of Peoples rights be addressed, by espousing that NY have a policy that physicians offenses whether under color of law or not should be criminal offenses. That the NY State must not be allowed to state in law, well if you want to be involved with torture NY physician you can but you are not sanctioned to do so by NY, that is NY saying the people the physician is acting upon to aid torture or harsh treatment have no rights and must be countered by email, mail, phone calls and faxes to say: “SCRAP NYS Senator Duanes BILL S04495Aâ€� it's unconstitutional under the Civil Rights of New Yorkers CONSTITUTION to dilute New Yorkers rights.

     Below is an excerpt from the tragic Bill, notice the last  sentence in bold text, which is a blatant loophole for a physician to ignore the prohibition on torture the Bill pretends to enforce.

         §  22.  Participation in torture or improper treatment of prisoners by
     9  health care professionals.  1. Definitions. As used in this section, the
    10  terms "torture" and "improper treatment" shall be interpreted in accord-
    11  ance with applicable international treaties, principles and standards as
    12  well as the decisions, observations and recommendations  of  the  corre-
    13  sponding interpreting bodies. However, for the purposes of this section,
    14  it  shall  not be an element of either "torture" or "improper treatment"
    15  that such acts be committed by a  government  or  non-government  actor,
    16  entity,  or  official; under color of law; or not under color of law. As
    17  used in this section, unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the
    18  following terms have the following meanings:


           (b)  "Torture"  means  any  intentional act or intentional omission by
    40  which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is inflicted
    41  on a person for such purposes as obtaining from the  person  or  from  a
    42  third  person  information  or a confession, punishing the person for an
    43  act the person or a third person has committed (including the holding of
    44  a belief or membership in any group) or is suspected of  having  commit-
    45  ted,  or  intimidating  or coercing the person or a third person, or for
    46  any reason based on discrimination of any kind.  It  does  not  include
    47  pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful
    48  sanction.


     There are other loopholes hidden also where they are in context where a paragraph leads into another that allow for further abuse, the BILL is a harm upon the people and a boom to the State.

   We have seen the e-mail circulating telling TI's among others to e-mail the representatives of an Assemblyman in New York and the New York State Senator proposing those bills, however what TI's really should be doing in order to help their cause is email all the Senators and Assembly persons the following message:

  “SCRAP NYS Senator Duanes BILL S04495Aâ€� it's unconstitutional under the Civil Rights of New Yorkers CONSTITUTION to dilute New Yorkers rights by tacit allowance to physicians to engage in such activity and to codify human experimentation that causes pain and suffering as altogether allowable as the Bill states is the case pertinent to the new legislation. It is immoral and illegal under NYS laws.




    To end this installment we thank all the victims and activists who are working diligently to stop this egregious atrocity.

We will update as soon as possible!

END OF  -- June 15, 2010 – INSTALLMENT.




   It has been discovered there are New York Public Health Laws and New York Mental Health Laws that are being used to strip New Yorkers of their New York “STATEâ€� Civil Rights secretly, allowing “State of New Yorkâ€� authorities to destroy any New Yorkers health and life without notification of the persons affected. The same kinds of actions are happening to all persons in other “statesâ€�, under their own states laws.

   To make things worse there are other New York State laws that allow state authorities to evade admitting that they have secretly declared a person incompetent for subsequent nomination into a deadly human experiment using covertly installed in the body devices (in vivo) that emit deadly energy, while the person is completely unaware and going about their daily tasks and going to work. Even if the person's doctor or lawyer were to ask the authorities, the authorities decide whether to tell them or not and according to law, do not have to tell them, unless the victim has substantial evidence and takes the authorities to court. If a person's doctor or lawyer knows of what is happening to the victim, they won't tell the victim, because they are licensed with the state and therefore obligated not to aid uncovering an ongoing human experiment “lawful investigationâ€�.

   The attacks on people throughout the nation and world vary, where the technology ranges from implanted in the body devices emitting deadly energy to other techniques of implanted in the body tracking devices to allow them to be efficiently stalked by authorities teams of harassers and also tracking devices to allow the use of deadly radar beams to be sent into their bodies location. The general issue is that the people are having their immune systems traumatized to destroy their health and minds. Many of the victims report torture level pain in a virtual sentence of death.

   In States like New York the laws allow federal authorities like the agency Health and Human Services (HHS), military authorities like the CIA, hospitals, universities, institutions, private corporations and doctors, to operate under permission of written New York State laws; the entities mentioned are therefore by law given permission to operate in the State of New York by New York itself, those entities however are still obligated to obey the other laws of New York State that protect a person, which the entities are not obeying. The entities are also obligated not to breach New York States CONSTITUTIONS CIVIL RIGHTS OF NEW YORKERS; therefore the entities from other than the state itself are actionable for liability for breaching the peoples civil rights, just the same as state authorities are liable when they have ignored a persons civil rights. Thereby all of the attacks reported by people throughout the nation are being allowed by the respective STATES laws that the person lives in. The issue therefore is that in order to bring a complaint to stop the attacks it can and should be brought first in a STATE Court, because the STATE authorities are in action as permitting the activity even where it is from federal authorities for example. This is known from our having found the laws that specify the state gives permission for the entities to operate inside New Yorks jurisdiction. The specific laws that allow such atrocities will be outlined in detail in this articles next installment.

   It sounds impossible, it is not, there are such laws here in New York and there appears to be the same laws, with somewhat different wording that allow for the same thing to happen, in the other 49 states.

   There are several thousand people over the last 15 or so years telling of their being attacked and or used in human experiments that have destroyed their lives, these people were leading normal lives and suddenly their world was turned upside down by State authorized authorities making up for their state budgets deficits by designating people falsely to be “incompetentâ€� and selling the victimized people for use in human experiments for profit. The old saying is, “if you follow the money the truth will be foundâ€�; the money motive is a part of the issue of why a person is chosen, because the states need money and they also have men and women without conscience that will do whatever they are ordered to do. Not like you, where your conscience would bother you to pick some New Yorker or people in another state to experiment on, knowing full well their life would be destroyed. Because of the authorities and media ignoring this injustce many of the victims of this abuse have died.

   Imagine you wake up and find yourself the target of the authorities, who are really covertly silently torturing you and no authorities will listen to you or help you at all. The electronic pulsing devices do not only cause extreme pain, but are designed to affect the frontal lobe of the brain to depreciate judgment, in effect a reducing the intellect of a person. As the laws are today you too are also at risk for the same thing happening, as well also your family and friends and acquaintances; the potential really exists that you have already been implanted and the authorities have not turned it on or high enough for you to notice it. The laws are on the books and the activities are well known to be going on, there are innumerable websites discussing the attacks on people throughout the nation. One person having this happen to them, is one too many.

   The discussion of people affected varies as to how to get the attacks to stop. There has until now been confusion about the source of jurisdictional responsibility of the attacks, resulting in people taking their cases incorrectly to the federal courts; it has been shown by law the states are responsible and not the federal government. Not to say the federal government is not involved; it is a fact however the states are permitting the attacks upon a New Yorkers, Californians, Texans or whatever state the person lives in, where federal or other entities are in action.

Gathering sufficient evidence is what is needed to gain a hearing in court, it has been difficult to do under the circumstances that the authorities call the attacks “human experiments or research�, as a cover for their unconstitutional crimes. The general issues for most of those claiming to be affected is the common thread of their experiences with other victims, such similar reports amount to evidence by commonality; that essentially says to an observer, that something more than mass hysteria is occurring.

   The victims reporting here in this article have gathered substantial evidence of various kinds and their evidence conforms to courts requirements for a hearing. It is now in the hands of the Court to do the right thing, or cause further litigation of the case where it may ultimately wind up having to be appealed and by due diligence of Lamb and Mecca, wind up in a federal court; that will in all likelihood result in the federal court enforcing their New York State Constitutional Civil Rights, where they coincide with their federal Constitutions' Civil Rights.

   You might have asked yourself why attorneys have been unable or unwilling to bring a complaint into court, why detectives produce nothing they will back up in a court, why doctors see nothing; well there are laws in New York and other states that hold them criminally liable for exposing an ongoing “so calledâ€� human experiment quantified in the eyes of the authorities as being a “lawful investigationâ€� of a suspect/subject. Such so called “lawful investigationâ€� have the full weight of law to enforce the maintenance of secrecy, so that the experiments remain secret, thereby the laws prevent licensed with the state authorities from rendering “honest serviceâ€� to victims. Where the licensed professionals such as attorneys, private detectives and doctors may well appear to be helping, they always fall short of the goal because they are compromised by the laws, if they are not actively misleading the victim. The laws that allow what is described are unconstitutional, but are used by authorities as if they were constitutional; the laws for maintaining secrecy of investigations to keep victims from getting evidence by the state authorities, is by keeping all licensed with the state professionals on a legal leash. Many of the licensed with the state professionals and authorities have exhibited actions and attitude of sanctioning such atrocities. The same reasonings are why the news media has ignored the victims plight. The only way out is through a court where the activities are exposed.

   Some of those who are being experimented on have made an effort to get the problem resolved by going to court. That may seem like the intelligent response to do, to get something so offensive to stop, but it has been a nightmare for those making the attempt in court; due to another set of authorities laws and policy and case law that support State authorities allowance to lie compounding the problem. Such that the authorities can legally deny all knowledge of the activity, leaving the victim without any ability to get to the truth unless their court case is properly structured. To most of you who read this, it may seem impossible the authorities are allowed to lie in consideration of what's being complained about, but the issue has been decided in court cases that have found for State authorities being allowed to lie while in pursuit of a “lawful investigationâ€� of a suspect/human subject; where in our case we are talking about the authorities pursuit of a person who is a human experiment. Licensed with the state professionals are not supposed to help or aid a victimized person to expose the activity, professionals who don't want to go along could be subject to retaliation by authorities, in being threatened with jail or loose their license to enforce secrecy; such threats have no real weight and those professionals that go along are guilty of conspiracy to defraud. That anybody can have the State step in and seize them as their guardian by nominating the person incompetent secretly without notice is inherently illegal and on the opposing side supported that it is illegal by case law. The licensed professionals are not free from responsibility, they are actionable and not free from liability where they are silent or go along with authorities, on the basis of the egregious nature of the actions authorized by authorities. What is being done to people in the 50 states, is against their guaranteed state Constitutions Civil Rights of persons. These are some of the reasons for all the secrecy by authorities, being they can be stopped and the authorities know that, their main objective is to keep victims from going to court and that is their highest priority.

   As victims we have been fighting for our lives trying to stop the insidious atrocity in court, it is a fight critical and crucial to saving our own lives, as well as to help save the lives of many people in New York and throughout the United States where we win. The two affected new Yorkers, John and Debbie have been diligent in searching out a means to produce evidence where the evidence gathered has not been dependent upon licensed authorities; as a part of their evidence they have used a special advanced electronic test according to an electromagnetic standard test of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., which is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology, setting standards for industry and governments around the world. They have gathered other evidences as well to support their case.

   How did we get to this depraved state of human rights abuse and what can be done to reverse the trend of adoption of Nazi like legal allowances to have our State Constitution Civil Rights of persons of any state taken away. These actions of state authorities taking away a person's rights without telling anyone that they are really stealing the body and mind of a person to torture or kill them, is just like a judicial secret star chamber of rogue judges deciding who lives and who dies. The actions of authorities described in this article are a new form of corruption for use by authorities in personal vendettas, legitimate activist assassinations, money making, power and outright sadistic training of other authorities to learn how to do an attack upon a person. That is an issue for the courts to remedy you may think, well there are two people in Court in New York who are also victims and as of this June 2nd 2010, they are attempting to turn this extraordinary immoral activity around and make such vague laws illegal through case law. The Plaintiffs in court being Deborah Lamb and John Mecca are being egregiously affected with pain and suffering from electronic torture by implanted devices, they are currently scheduled for a hearing this July in Long Island New York, of their well supported and properly organized case. You are asked to forward this article to all and anyone whom you believe cares, who has lost hope, who can further spread the word and to those who may want to attend the hearing to show support. Also we need your Prayers that justice prevails and we win.

The next installment will be in a few days to a week!

New 2017 Mind Control
One of the few personal accounts ever produced, a must have.
Look for it on Amazon and other fine book stores.


Author Michael F. Bell

*   *   *





The Invisible Crime: Illegal Microchip Implants and Microwave Technology and Their Use Against Humanity [Paperback]
Michael F. Bell (Author)
 and also at Barnes & Noble everywhere!

*  *  *

Excellent effort to alert the sheeple. Eye opening and compelling written by fellow victim Michael Bell. Note as to the books conclusion, At page 171 of the paperback version of the book it bears pointing out that military intelligence, CIA and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are well aware of all radio signal transmissions and the electronic attack technology is monitored by those agencies; the effect is that these technologies of electronic attack cannot be stolen or sold to organized crime because of the complete control over the radio frequency spectrum by the government, the electronic attack technologies are sanctioned for use of offshoot organizations. Organized crime is a sanctioned appendage of government that is used for those things that the government wishes to carry out yet disavow, organized crime works for the government; can anybody dispute that organized crime is allowed to exist. In other words by sanction the government is carrying out the electronic attacks. Not brought out in the book is that many victims are suffering extreme torture pain and this needs to be pointed out hopefully in Michael Bell's sequel book.

THE NOTICE ABOVE WAS ENTERED JUNE 3rd, 2010 and is the most recent entry and is just as important today!
The information below is older information and the above takes precedence.

All major public figures in entertainment have been implanted.
Due to the fact they represent a potential threat as a source
of exposure of this crime.



Dear Readers of this website;

RETRO to January 1, 2010: as an addition of our doscovery process in bringing you the facts of truth, please remember this "notice" while reviewing the older research infomation of this website.

NOTE: The activities of covert surgical implanting of

extraordinarily harmful devices and use of other techologies to

cause harm are  known to be possible to authorize by our state of

New York laws, anticipated to be similar for all states of the USA.

Such laws do cover federal agencies and entities operating under

federal law. Such authorization is by the letter of the  laws of states

unconsitutional, when countenenced in a state court with proper

argument. Such covert actions are unconstitutional through a

person's state rights upon appeal by federal law and a person's

federal rights.

Yours Truly

John Mecca



Dear TI's,

Below is news which you will be interested in learning about. 

Our Court Case News


   We have appealed our dismissal from the lower Federal Court, we were not dismissed from the Appeals Court and are slated for "Oral Argument" on the TENTATIVE DATE of November 12, 2009. This will take place in the Appeals Court in Lower Manhattan, New York.

   We are not certain that the Nov.12th date will remain as it is tentative at the moment. As that day comes closer and we learn the court's final schedule; we will give you notice of the exact date and time for those who wish to come to that court procedure. You can learn of those details by going to where there will be news updates and if you have questions use the e-mail link there for contact and answers.

   The importance of the oral argument is to give the Appellees {government} and Appellants {Lamb & Mecca} a last chance to say anything that they believe would help their cause. As to the importance of you coming, it can only help to have as many people as possible.

Please pray for our victory as this will help all of us in this danger that we are in.

Other Sad News

   We have a sad and unfortunate announcement to make. Our dear friend, Curt Fincher of Torrance, California, who was also a victim has passed away on October 14, 2009. He had advanced electronic attacks via implanted devices and was also being bombarded by advanced maser beam strikes which he proved was occurring. He was a great and patriotic American and also an activist against this treasonous atrocity. He will be sorely missed by his friends and family.

Yours Truly,

Deborah Lamb & John Mecca


t c
d g

CAUTION: A dubious activist Eleanor White has posted a ratings page for mind control reporting websites. Although she claims to be a "radio engineer" (ham radio operator) which is a person who can operate a radio, whereas most cell phones are more complicated and operated by pre teens. Eleanor White has made some very serious mistakes regarding statements in her ratings about numerous websites that I think are undermining good reporting by various authors. She states that the IEEE test for implants is not confirmed by her; the test is as it is from the most prestigious organization the IEEE  devising tests for government and industry, we have a test on that she thinks requires her stamp of approval based on her very limited academic training in the art of turning the tuning dial of a radio. It may well be important to note she decrys any term applied to the attacks other than harassment and is uninterested in the facts that such attacks are anything but human experimentation. I believe that the facts on  as well as relate the legal aspects that show the attacks are the results of laws beyond those of human experimentation. Ms White also ststes that validation of the numbers of persons having been implanted has not been established. Estimates of the numbers of persons covertly implanted can be understood by reading the following page ( X ) . In these times of an artificially induced world crash as the numbers of affected is on the a dramatic rise is sensed from this author that the imminent crash is in part planned to occur as the people begin to make headway in having the crime of covert torture becomming known to the general public. What may happen in the crash is that the citizens will be cut off from normal media and the web to keep the secret of the torture. The Camps all across the country are ready. The trap upon the people has already been sprung. What authority will rise to stop the people from being nothing but cattle. Beware of those saying this is reasonable and that is unreasonable, the agencies penchant is to lead those who seek the truth astray.


Below is Eleanor White's notice of her lack of judgement as to
 rating websites showing up in various places around the internet!

  Eleanor White before sending that activism item
out, check its credibility rating at: http://www.creviews .net

* * *

Kansas allows for citizen formation of Grand Juries, now the
power is in the hands of people organized well enough to act!

Five other states provide for citizen-petitioned grand juries:
Oklahoma, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska and

Millions of Americans Implanted!

Victims Click here for immediate help and skip the hard facts & click here
for ways to slow down the effects of implant & directed energy attacks ( X )

===============OR IF YOU ARE A DOUBTING THOMAS CLICK ----> HERE================ 

Letter to Mental Health Professionals
Nov 16, 2008
Author John Mecca &

   Letter to Mental Health Professionals

Author John Mecca

   There are a number of psychiatrists and psychologists and other authorities who regularly visit this and other websites like it claiming such is the result of mental disturbed individuals living out their delusional reality. Nothing could be further from the truth.

   The information on this site and others like it is controversial for those whom have a bona fide interest in the serving the nation and communities to see that mentally disturbed individuals do not become reinforced in their delusion that they are victims of directed energy, covertly implanted devices and gang stalked.

   To begin, first the author of this website and a few others have had the most advanced test done proving that they are in fact implanted with covertly installed devices emitting near lethal levels of radio and electric energy. This test was carried out using an advanced sensor conforming to C95.3-2002, subpart (5.6) of IEEE Recommended "Practice for Measurements and Computations of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields with Respect to Human Exposure".

   The IEEE  (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology, setting standards for industry and governments around the world.

   Some authorities as mentioned in a New York Times article of Nov. 12, 2008 draw conclusions without having heard about this particular website and the test mentioned above, although innocent of having not heard about this test a surly belligerent attitude prevails in regards to the remarks from a Yale psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Hoffman who says " belief in mind control via websites like this one have belief systems like a shark that has to constantly be fed, if you don't feed the delusion sooner or later it will die out and diminish on its own accord" and from  a psychologist from Britain Mr. Vaugan Bell PHD, their remarks believe an attitude of being know it alls or purposefully covering up the use of advanced weapons on individuals. If their concern were of the highest ethical and professional standards what with the current commercial activity of fabricating implants for all purposes you would think they would suggest a deeper look into the subject. Mr. Vaughan Bell PHD  says that "he does not consider all people participating in Mind Control sites are delusional and that a firm diagnosis could only be done in person".

    Why do highly educated individuals supposedly condemn without verification of the claims of those who say they are victims? These educated men in authority positions capable of sending people to mental hospitals upon their opinion that such behavior is a danger to the public welfare or a danger to themselves or ostensibly even adjudged to be of potential resource to terrorism as is codified in the US CODE legislation ADEPA "Anti terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1997" .

    Though likely well meaning these educated Doctors are obviously suffering from a self conditioned delusional state and succumbed to a psychosis in having a God complex instigated by "egomania" in their believing they know the truth simply because they are superior in their wisdom and high learning.  Alas editors too are somewhat guilty although their education is not often as broad as psychiatrists and psychologists, they still have responsibility to report the truth as is known and proven, where the editor of the story this response comes from was written by Sarah Kershaw of the NY Times. With the multi million dollar budgets allocated for investigative journalism it seems apparent that this countries holocaust would go undetected because we the victims are not important enough to spend some time and money to discover the truth, or could there be a nefarious reason, one that is to purposefully cover up. Many might think this mere delusion to think a conspiracy exists but then again there are laws in this countries US Code that are there for the very purpose to keep the lid on.

   One must wonder if the attitudes of these two so called authority figures is prevalent, as such ignorance demonstrated is how we have the economic meltdown and the loss of rights, these things were done by ignorance and design to perpetuate the careers of certain individuals as well. Why don't these educated men have the generalist research knowhow training from their respective institutions of higher learning that they graduated from and got their degrees from to embark upon a wider latitude that mere speculative psychoanalysis observation of the purported victims, why not actually do a legitimate investigation or at the very least suggest one, could they be technically illiterate or are they operatives for the government to keep these things from being believed. What don't they say, well I have some worry with the advanced technology available these people may be telling the truth we should have electronic engineers and electronics tests done; no they don't say any such thing for good reason and that is that they are in a delusional state as hard heads insist electronic attacks don't exist. Are there not neuro-scientists involved with prostheses on their campuses whom could illuminate their feeble base of knowledge to understand implants and masers and gangs do indeed exist and are more than likely being tested on the victims reporting these activities.

   The total intellectual property of mind control from the US Patent office is astounding and we do not even have the German, English, French, Italian, European, Japanese or Russian patents to show you but click this and see that the body's of work are enormous  and there is another facet to unveil for those seeking the truth there are laws that allow such tragedy to visit hapless innocents of our country and they can be seen and read about on

    Assertions by psychiatrists and psychologists that persons espousing mind control attacks are delusional  are here taken to task that those authorities are ill equipped to determine any such thing, but instead engineers are needed to further investigate what psychiatrists and psychologists know nothing about. In regards to psychiatrists and psychologists being now made aware of the electronic plethora available to torment people  it seems fitting that we the people subject to the whims of government programs take all to task who suggest that, all that need be done to ascertain whether a person is mentally ill or artificially made mentally ill or to seem like it be is to psychoanalyze them. Nothing could be further from the truth, we need science to fight science. The role of Doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists in known publicized experiments such as MKULTRA and Tuskegee was to whitewash and hide those experiment programs from the public and the courts.

   Immorality is rife in official quarters and remains when no one questions or points out failings of those that portray immorality as delusional.  Conspirators are often the ignorant perpetuating their professional opinion without fact, where they should be honest and just say maybe you need an expert in the field in which the problem exists.



Then can you understand the vast void of ethics of psychiatrists and other professionals denying the truth when its factually known that whats described here is true and validated further by a polical contemporary Rep. Jim Guest other than Ret. Se. John Glen whom tried to pass a BILL to stop human experimentation from local hospitals and doctors ( that bill did not get enough votes).

Kansas allows for citizen formation of Grand Juries, now the

power is in the hands of people organozed well enough to act!
Five other states provide for citizen-petitioned grand juries:
Oklahoma, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska and
Below are medical reports of Brian Wronge, they tell of semi metallic items in the
head and chest. The orders to psychiatrists is to say everyone who says they
are implanted is schizophrenic and is merely delusional.
The psychiatrists are under
orders to keep the lid on torture of citizens in public. The enemy is not outside the gate,
they are within the most trusted positions!




Please place this information on all newsletters, blogs, websites

Call everyone you know, e-mail everyone you know, and do it quickly.

On is now organized to promote a bill for oversight and stopping the various types of attacks such as gang stalking, directed energy, covert implants, sabotage.

Rep. Jim Guest's letter is the center piece for the effort. Where all victims are being asked to

participate and spread the word to any victim they know, making a major effort to get to every

person affected.

The result of everybody participating is that in maybe as short as six months a bill for oversight

might be on its way to becoming law.

There is a letter on the website for you to use when approaching your legislator.

The letter on the website titled Geneva Convention abrogated by the United States is a condensed

synopsis showing from a court case that went all the way to the Supreme Court, that there are

laws that allow these attacks; meaning that the attacks are not even unconstitutional nor are

they breeching statutes.

The only way out of this is to lobby for oversight, I repeat what they are doing they are doing based

on laws they passed.

Please do participate in approaching your legislator as is asked on the website to have them write

a support letter similar to Rep. Jim Guest.

If you do this, this is really a way out, if you do not do this nobody will understand. Make the

effort and do it as soon as possible. Instigate others to do the same thing. Once a letter is

obtained from a legislator there is no need for a second letter, don't keep bothering them for

a second letter.


Projects - Operations

Implantable devices for torture
   The following is not an immutable fact. That is to say the devices do not have to be small to avoid detection. This is because there are such things as chemical capacitors and plastic microchip circuits. The implant as an issue of its functionality is possible to be primarily a capacitor being the virtual battery, several capacitors such as the ultrapacitor variety behave like batteries, as for their charging it can be done by several methods such as a thermopile, RFID antenna made of semiconductive plastic or ultra thin ( 2 to 4 atoms wide of any metal so as to be thin enough not to show up and be coiled up, as well batteries ( I doubt batteries are used anymore as the ultrapacitor is a superior hybrid having the advantages of bot battery and capacitor wrapped up in a new chemical ultrapacitor). The guts being the transceiver can be as stated plastic. Such a device made of plastic composition and deformed into a myriad of body tissue compatible forms would be very easy in evading medical imaging. Factoring this in puts a serious damper on detection by medical scan observation for the artistically crafted new immoral implants. I do not say they are impossible to image either as I believe properly tweaked an MRI could cause substantial interferrence tooccur around the implant, but which of the radiologist technicians has the know how and will to do that. The time is changing, hopefully Bush will not declare martial law and the new President whether McCain or Obama are I think equal as to the possibility to get this fiendish Nazi activity to stop. For the moment we are endeavouring to design a way to detect the devices more effectively and idientify their exact location in the body for removal and to possibly deactivate them. This process of engineering may take monts or years, which of us has that long to get somewhere in defeating the technology. We should all pray to God that this scourge on mankind is rended and destroyed. It will take all our concerted efffort for a political change so please keep up your efforts as you know we will also continue until the enemy is defeated.